About Nicole

*looks up from book* 

Oh, hello there! Welcome to Legend of a Writer! My pen name is Nicole Dust, and I’m the writer behind the screen.
As the title suggests, I’m an aspiring fantasy/speculative fiction writer! I’ve been thinking up stories ever since I can remember, and I’ve been writing them down ever since I thought to do so. (Which . . . also means that I’ve got a TON of unfinished drafts . . . but shhhhhhh.)

One thing you’ll learn very quickly is that I am a Roman Catholic. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who died on the Cross for my sins. Thank you, Lord!

In between the writerly and spiritual ramblings, you’ll also find a healthy dose of fangirling. Yes, that’s right, you have encountered another of those slightly crazy humans whose mind is constantly wandering faraway worlds! (I prefer the countryside of the Shire.)

I’m also a Ravenclaw, for all you Hogwarts Houses lovers, and I’m an INFP - or wait, am I an INFJ???? (I’ve seriously done the tests so many times I don’t even know anymore.)

  • Dark chocolate (Hershey’s all the way!)
  • Welch’s Passion Fruit drink (it’s so underrated….)
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Conflicted characters (#dracomalfoy)
  • Random hashtags (but I try not to put in too many of them or else it gets annoying)
  • (if you get that reference, flameo, hotman!)
  • Lots of parentheses
  • Psychology
  • Notebooks
  • Movie soundtracks
  • Singing
  • Blogging

Thanks for sticking around! I hope I can get to know you as well!