The Shared WIP Tag: Week Five

November 30, 2018

Happy Friday!

Can anyone believe that NaNo is over TODAY??? It feels surreal, honestly.

But first, before this crazy month wraps up, I present to you:


I genuinely don’t know how to do this. I haven’t had any time to make actual, picture aesthetics. So . . . words will abound!

THE GENERAL STORY: shadows // rebellion // kings // fugitives // trust // teamwork // gardens // stress // secrets // lies

FAYE: quiet // mind-reading // loyal // naive // empathetic // healing // distrustful // peace-loving

WHIT: cocky // hurting inside // flirtatious // family-oriented // fickle // knives // artistic // wary

ROWAN: insecure // scholar // reader // leader // diplomat // intellectual // grief of dead father and brother // night person

ERIN: curious // blunt // brave // righteous // self-image issues // hard-working // animal lover // enthusiastic

LORCAN: jealousy // loyalty // courage // analytical // ambitious // arrogant // coward // organized // insect phobia

(Sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to link it so you could actually see the songs.)

And, of course, here are some character "theme songs!" (These may not be the same as the ones I wrote in Part 2. I’ve since added songs and re-evaluated.) They are all included in the playlist above as well.

FAYE'S THEME: Trust Goes Both Ways by Michael Giacchino

WHIT'S THEME: Now We Are Free by Lisa Gerrard and Delirium by Music Junkies

ROWAN'S THEME: Sons of Odin by Patrick Doyle

ERIN'S THEME: Fireworks by Nicholas Hooper

LORCAN'S THEME: Shadows of Loki by Brian Tyler


Wow, I can’t believe this series is over! It’s been truly epic reading all your posts about your stories, guys.

Speaking of which, here are the links to everyone else's aesthetics posts!

Jules @ Saver of Memories
Ceci @ Ceci Creates
Gray @ Writing is Life
Julia @ Lit Aflame
Jem @ Jem Jones, Writer
Melissa @ Quill Pen Writer
Brooklyne @ Showers of Blessings
Ariel @ Scribes and Archers
Keturah @ Keturah’s Korner
Sarah @ Pen of a Ready Writer

Well, I wish you luck during this last day of NaNo! Push through to the end! You’ve got this! (And congratulations to everyone who has already CRUSHED the word-count goal!)

(And just a quick reminder that although there will be no post this Sunday, I will resume posting then afterwards.)


How did you guys like the tag! How did you survive NaNo? (Because I’m barely alive!) Let's talk!

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  1. Love that you use words - so descriptive. And both jealousy and loyalty for Lorcan - that's interesting ;) It's been fun getting to know about your novel and I hope writing has went well for you!!

    1. Haha, yeah, Lorcan's definitely . . . interesting. :) Thanks, Keturah! (You’ll hear more about the writing situation later....... ;)

  2. Live this! It's always so much fun to look through book ideas. I hope you're well Nichole! I gotta catch up on your blog.<3

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! And I agree - reading about people's stories is always so fun! <3

  3. Ooh, love the words aesthetic! And I just followed you on spotify, and I love your song choices. <3

    1. SAME! It’s just a fun word to say......

      And thank you! I love your song choices as well!

  4. I like the word aesthetics!

  5. I love word aesthetics!! And yours are great; they really help paint an image of the character in my mind. :)

    1. Same! And thanks, Melissa; I’m glad they were so effective! :)

  6. Word aesthetics! I love those! And I'm definitely going to have to check out your playlist. :D (Do you use the HTML option for writing your posts? there's a Spotify tutorial for adding a 'widget' here, if that's any help for next time!)

    Boys that act cocky but are wary and hurting inside are awesome and I need a dozen.
    - Jem Jones

    1. Ack, thanks, Jem! (And I do sometimes, but not very often. Thanks for the link! *scurries over to check it out*)

      Oh my word, though, YES. AGREED 1000%

  7. Loved this post! I think I'm a lot like Faye. ;P

    Also, sorry I haven't been commenting much- I have no idea what to say on writing-related stuff, since I'm not a writer. xD

    1. Thanks, Lilian! And that’s cool! I get the feeling that you two would get along great. :)

      Haha, you’re fine! Welcome back to the comment section! *waves*

  8. LOVE your "word aesthetics" so unique!!

    (Though....insect phobia??? lol)

    1. Thank you so much, Julian!!!

      (Well . . . let’s just say there’s a reason Lorcan doesn’t go outside that much. XD)

  9. Replies
    1. I know! It was so fun to read everyone’s answers, including yours!


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