February 2020 Happenings + my blogoversary results!

March 01, 2020

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone enjoyed their "extra day" yesterday. I, for one, can say that I used it well (and by well I mean procrastinating until five o’clock at night XD).

It’s the first day of March, which means a lot of exciting things are coming to you on this blog in the coming weeks! But first, let’s do a Happenings post, because they’re fun and I enjoy them and let's just cut this intro and go already.

(Yes, this is my current state of mind. Sorry. ;D )

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Life. Um. You know. It’s life. Sometimes it throws chocolate at you (which is a good thing, because CHOCOLATE), and sometimes it throws rotten apple cores.

This month leaned more towards the rotten apple core side of the spectrum.

But I’m not going to dwell on the hard things that happened, because I don’t want this blog to be a place of Depression and Pessimism and All Around Doom and Gloom. Maybe I'll go into some detail later *shrugs*.

One of my favorite things that happened this month was the TwoSetViolin Tchaikovsky livestream! I missed it live by about nineteen minutes, but it was amazing and they deserve allllll the subscribers.

I’ve also had an insane amount of Scholar Bowl tournaments lately. We had one about two weeks ago, one last Thursday, and another one this Thursday. And THEY DON’T ASK LORD OF THE RINGS QUESTIONS. WHAT IS THIS MONSTROSITY. *sulks in a corner* XD

(but I'm pleased to say that due to my obsession with TwoSetViolin I am VERY familiar with composers and can answer those questions XD okay, I'll stop talking about TSV now)

I got together with family last weekend and saw a few cousins I hadn’t seen in a while! We stayed up till midnight watching Big Hero 6, one of the best movies of all time. <3 <3

Big Hero 6. Because, as mentioned, it’s one of the best movies of all time, and I hadn’t seen it since last March. I think my favorite character this time around would have to be Fred. No other character has lines like these:

“Hello, my name’s Fred, and it has been thirty days since my last HOLY MOTHER OF MEGAZON!”

“Nothing is better than free food! . . . Unless it’s moldy!”

“Six intrepid friends, led by Fred, their leader Fred! Fred’s Angels, doo doo. Fred’s Angels. Harnessing the power of the sun, with the ancient amulet they found in the attic. Fred’s Angels. Fred's Angels. The amulet is green. It’s probably an emerald -”

Sorry, am I rambling? XD I just REALLY love this movie.

me @ this movie

My Hero Academia. I FINISHED SEASON THREE. *collapses* WOW that was a ride. Insanely stressful, heart-wrenching, hilarious . . . just your typical MHA season. XD

And for some reason I now want to write fanfiction. This is not a good thing. My fanfiction is always just fangirl-vomit. XD

haven't seen this scene yet but OH BOY am I excited

Newsies. MY NEW MUSICAL OBSESSION, HERE WE GO. I honestly cannot remember the last time I was this into a musical - probably Hamilton, actually. But I love basically ALL the songs, and Jack Kelly is amazing and wonderful and he does not deserve what he goes through. It's just an all-around good musical.

I mean, just look at this choreography. I rest my case.

Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere. So, technically this isn't a fandom I'm in yet, but I'm including it because I'm giving myself a reading challenge this year. During 2020, I want to read all of the books set in this "world." Which is at least ten books, at least 600 pages each. *collapses again* I'm already halfway through Elantris (the "first book") and really enjoying it!

(but seriously, if anyone wants to join me, I will wait up for you. this is going to be insane)

thank you, Spot, for your support during this trying time XD

So, this month, I’ve done my best to keep up with my writing goals of writing every day and writing one flash fiction story per month.

I . . . missed a day of writing, but honestly? I’m okay with that. If I had written, it would have been two words - I felt AWFUL that day. So I don’t really regret it - and if you miss a day of writing if you want to write every day, don’t feel bad about it! Just do it the next day. <3

And I did write my flash fiction piece for the month! (Well, technically it was over 1000 words, but shhhh, I still count it.) It was for a short story contest that I’m super pumped to enter.

Right now, I’m starting to give thought to Camp NaNoWriMo in April. I thiiiiiink I know what I’ll be writing, but it’s always subject to change. ;) But if someone does a Camp NaNo tag or something, I’ll probably be joining in, so you’ll hear about it there.

So, in case you missed a post of mine, here are the links to all of them:

Meanwhile, around the blogosphere . . .

Brooke wrote a fantastic short story called Carry On that you should definitely read if you’re having a hard time. <3

Diamond’s post about cheaply bullet journaling is super inspirational and aesthetic! It really does prove you don’t need to have the expensive supplies to bullet journal. :D

Megan wrote a really interesting post about X-Flies and baseball that is honestly so beautiful. (And I’ve never even seen X-Files.)

Faith announced her new WIP and EXCUSE ME BUT I NEED THIS BOOK NOWWWWWW.

And Julian’s been writing a series on first drafting which is super neat! My personal favorite post is this one about character journaling - I really want to give it a try!


And now for the fun part.

So, last week, you all voted on what you’d like to see me do for my blogoversary, and the answer, by vote of 41.2% of you (look, Google Forms said it, not me) is . . .

*drumroll please*


(Honestly, I didn’t expect that one to win. I guess you all liked the one I did last year, so here we gooooo)

So leave your questions down below! Ask any and everything (except maybe not my SSN - that might be crossing the line XD), and I will post a video of my answers on the 25th!

As for the next blog posts . . . you’ll be getting a little bit of everything this month. There miiiiight be another fandom letter in the works, for instance *cough*.

Anyways, I hope you guys had a good February, and I hope your March is fantastic!

-Nicole <3

WHO LIKES NEWSIES?? XD sorry, had to get that out. How was your February? Has anyone read the Cosmere books (and if so, how did you survive???)? Let’s talk!

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  1. Big Hero 6 is a super good movie!!!!!

    Ok here are some questions:
    Favorite part of your bullet journal?
    Favorite ride in Disney world?
    Beach or shopping?
    Do you like to play video games?


    1. Aaaahhh, I agree 100%! (Who’s your favorite character?)

      Ooo, thank you for the questions! I can’t wait to answer them!! :D

    2. Ahhh, I love all of them!! Though Fred is so funny I really like him a lot. ;)

    3. Fred is AMAZING and such a good pick! :D

  2. Ooh, exciting about the Q&A!!


    -Social security number? J.k. ;P
    -Favorite pastime with friends?
    -If you could do anything you wanted to for a day, what would that day look like?
    -Are you a morning or a night person?

    1. Thank you for the questions, Gray! :D (That first one, though . . . XD)

  3. How rude of life to throw rotten cores at you! D: I do hope March proves to be a much more chocolate-y sort of month! *HUGS*

    Big Hero 6 is 100% one of the best movies ever and Fred is pure GOLD. YES!

    OOOH. A Q&A! So, so fun! My blogiversary is coming up too and I was thinking of doing the same thing. I can't decide what all I want to do... But I need to decide SOON. Eheh.

    ANYWAYS. QUESTIONS. Let's do this!

    - What are your top 3 favorite fictional books ever? ('Cause I gotta start out with a super hard, cruel one. XD)
    - If you could hang out with any fictional character for a single day, who would you choose?
    - When did you first get into writing? At what point did you decide to pursue the writing life?
    - What is one of your biggest passions outside of writing?
    - Who are some people who really inspire you?

    Okay, I feel like those are all hard. #Sorrynotsorry

    1. *shakes head at Life* So disrespectful of them. ;D Aw, thank you - I hope so too! *HUGS BACK*


      *gasp* Christiiine, you should definitely do a Q&A or some other type of video! (Hey, just do what I did and have everyone decide for you. XD)

      Okay, WOW, those questions are awesome! Thank you!! *is getting more excited about answering all these* <3 <3

    2. *butts in* CHRISTINE YES YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY DO A Q&A. My vote has been cast. xD

  4. Ahhhh BIG HERO SIIIIIXXXXX *flails* My sisters and I quote Fred all the time. "Imagine eating a sandwich... but everyone just thinks. You're. Crazy."

    I'm sorry it's been a harder month, fren! *sends all the hugs* If you need to talk you know where to find me. <3

    And for some questions:
    -Favorite character from Newsies
    -Tell us a bit about why you're Team Keefe now ;)
    -if you could effortlessly have any talent, what would it be?

    1. IT IS THE BESTTTTTTT *fangirls with you* Okay, but that quote is GOLD and PERFECTION.

      *hugs back* Aw, thank you Faith. And the same goes for you. <3 <3 <3

      Okay but WHY DO YOU FEEL THE NEED TO EXPOSE ME LIKE THIS. *grumbles* XD Thank you for the questions *cough* most of them *cough*! ;)

  5. Loved this post Nicole!! I like Newsies. It's a good show.

    Youtube or Netflix?
    Neat-freak or messy?
    What's your favorite color?

    These are super random questions, but just thought i would ask them lol.

    1. Aw, thank you, Isabella! And yay, another. Newsies fan!!

      Ooo, super random questions are the BEST. Thank you - I can’t wait to answer them! :D

  6. I'm sorry about your rotten-apple-core month! My month was kind of like an apple when it starts getting mushy. Not TERRIBLE but left a lot to be desired. xD

    I need to watch Big Hero 6 again!! I've only seen it once like 5 years ago or something and I've been wanting to watch it again ever since. xD It was one of my favorites of the newer Disney movies. (And I always forget it's actually Marvel...)

    HOLY COW you just made me realize that Camp NaNoWriMo is NEXT MONTH. o.o YIKES.

    YAY FOR ANOTHER Q&A! And a blogoversary! YAY FOR ALL THE THINGS! I'll probably come back later and leave some questions because right now I'm tired and need sleep xD BUT THEY WILL BE COMING!


    1. That is a wonderful analogy - but I wish your February had been better! Here’s to a better March for both of us. *raises hot chocolate mug in a toast*

      YES YOU DO! It’s definitely one of Disney’s best movies. (Haha, same! It’s weird to think how Disney and Marvel worked together to create it.)

      *cue writing crisis* I FEEL THAT. But you got this!

      THANK YOUUUU! Yes, please, get some sleep. XD I CANNOT WAIT AND AM SO SO EXCITED!!


      -What's your favorite kind of weather?
      -Favorite Marvel character? Favorite Marvel movie?
      -If you could meet one actor/celebrity who would it be?
      -What movie has made you the most emotional? What book? Which one made you more emotional, the book or the movie? xD

      Lol I'm not even sure that last question made sense. Oh well. xD

    3. WOO-HOO! These are great, Emily - I can’t wait to answer them! Thank you!

      (Haha, I think it makes sense. I guess we’ll find out. XD)

  7. YES YES YES NEWSIES!! Only one of the best musicals ever. 😍

    I hope your blog continues to grow, because I love it!

    1. AAAAAAHHHH ANOTHER FAN!!! I completely agree. <3 <3 Who’s your favorite character?

      *hugs* Aw, thank you Bethany, that made my day! (And for what it’s worth, I wish the same for you and your blog and YouTube channel! <3)

  8. Ooh! Have you watched Big Hero 6 the series? I've watched the first season and it's pretty good.
    Aw! I'm so glad my post stood out for you enough to include it in your post. Thank you!

    Can you tell me some about the Cosmere series? I have the book Skyward, which I believe is by the same author, but I haven't read it yet.

    For the Q&A:

    What is your favorite Lunar Chronicles book?
    Which musical is your favorite?
    Tell us one thing you learned from starting a blog.
    Who is a blogger who you really admire?
    How many blogs do you follow?

    1. I confess that I haven’t watched Big Hero 6 the series. :( Honestly, I’ve been very scared that the producers would “baby” the show for a younger audience, if that makes sense? Have you gotten that feeling from the show?

      (Okay, you NEED to read Skyward. It’s SO GOOD. And yes, it’s by the same author.)

      So basically, Brandon Sanderson has written a TON of fantasy series’, and apparently they’re all set within the same universe. I heard somewhere that there might end up being forty books total in the universe, which is INSANE. But I’m trying to read all the books in that universe, which so far is about twelve, but another is being released this year. :) (If that doesn’t make sense, I’ll try to explain it further and send some links to websites who are much more proficient in writing than I am. XD)

      Ooo, thank you for the questions! I can’t wait to answer them! :D

    2. I was honestly afraid of the same thing, but I haven't really noticed that. It's basically a TV version of Big Hero 6. I still need to watch season 2, but I personally thing it's almost as good as the movies.

      (Yes! I literally have it sitting on my shelf. I just have too many great things to read! What do you suggest next, Skyward, KOTLC, Renegades, or Lord of the Rings/the Hobbit?)

      Ok! That makes sense to me, but I would love a link to a list of all of those books. Also, a link to the reading order of them too, so I can add them to my TBR *grins*

      No problem!

    3. Wow, that’s awesome! *adds the show to my watch later list* That’s super encouraging to hear - I don’t know anyone who has seen it, so I was pretty concerned.

      (YOU MAKE ME PICK???? XD XD Just kidding! Hmmm . . . If you’re in the mood for fantasy, I’d try KOTLC. If you want some sci-fi, try Skyward. LOTR is good, of course, but it’s SUPER dense prose, so I’d go with either KOTLC or Skyward.)

      Okay, so here is Brandon Sanderson’s official website listing all the Cosmere books (not in order)

      And here’s a Reddit post with the books in publication order:

      I hope that helps!

    4. Thank you!
      I think I might start Keeper next. I have to find out what all this hype is about!

      Also, do the books have any bad content in them? Like, are they clean? Just checking.

    5. Ooo, yay! I hope you like it! :)

      So, I would say that 99% of the book series is clean. They get more mature as they go along. In book 4, animals getting pregnant is discussed a bit (but it’s a significant plot point in later books, so it’s not pointless!). Violent descriptions also ramp up in books 7 and 8, and there is a brief male shirtless scene in book 8 (but nothing comes of it). I would feel fairly confident in recommending it to a sixth-grader and up, so *shrugs* I hope that helps!

    6. Ok, thank you! I don't think I'll read those anytime soon, but I would like to read them eventually.

    7. No problem! (*nods* I feel that XD)

  9. I love Big Hero 6!!! It's funny because my sisters say that of all of the characters I'm most like Fred. XD I would never have thought of it, but yep, we are so alike. Especially: "If I could have any superpower right now, it would be the ability to crawl through this camera and give you a big hug."

    What is one movie that you really, really, really want to see?
    What is your favorite movie that you saw in the theater?
    How many times do you reread books and rewatch movies?
    Take your top five favorite songs...now you are banned from ever listening to them again, what are they and what do you do now? (Sorry, evil question XD)
    Which musicals have you seen/listened to?

    Eeeep! Happy blogoversary!

    1. Aaaaaahhhh, yay, another fan! Haha, that’s hilarious! I could totally see you as Fred. And THAT QUOTE. *cries* So touching, <3

      Okay, these questions are awesome (BUT WHYYY ASK ME TO PICK MY FAVORITE SONGS. WHY. XD)! I can’t wait to answer them! Thank you! :D

    and yes fred is absofreakinglutely iconic
    i haven't seen newsies or listened to like any of it or anything but it looks amazing and my friend was in a performance of it the other week which i'm so bummed i had to miss :((((
    my february was longgg but it was good :))
    ima come back with questions later cause i'm brain dead right now <3

      *nods* Fred is 60% of why I love this movie XD
      Okay you NEED to listen to it, the music is so catchy and the main character is full of Angst (TM). XD Oh nooooooo *hugs* that’s so rough when that happens.
      That’s good! :)
      Haha, I feel that <3 <3

  11. YAAAY! Here are my questions:
    01. What's your favorite thing about the blogging community?
    02. What's your favorite thing to blog about?
    03. (because I can't stop asking this) pancakes or waffles?
    04. What's your least favorite thing about writing? Favorite thing?

    Have a great day! <3

    1. Aw, thank you for the questions - and thank you for all your comments and nice words throughout this journey! <3 <3


    Big Hero 6 is amazing and Fred is the best character, no doubt about it. XD

    I'm sorry February was tough for you. Here's to a gentler March <33


    - What's your favorite BRAND of chocolate?
    - What's your favorite Cisco Ramon quote?
    - How would you spend your ideal afternoon?
    - What's the meanest thing you've physically done to a book - spilled food on it, thrown it across the room, ripped it up for aesthetic purposes, etc.?


      I 100% agree with that. XD

      Aw, thank you, and I hope your March goes well too! <3 <3 <3

      And I LOVE these questions - thank you so much!

  13. Yes yes YES Newsies!! The choreography is truly superb. If only I looked that good doing flips and flinging newspapers at people.

    some questions!

    -Favorite school subject? (Or if you don't have one, what is something that you're just really interested in learning about for its own sake?)
    -If your life was a book, what would be the central truth/theme?
    -Fave saint (if you have one) and why?
    -What was a time that you felt really accomplished/proud of yourself?
    -Jeremy Jordan or Christian Bale?? (I've heard mixed opinions on this one so I'm curious)

    Hope that you have an amazing March, Nicole!

    1. Aaaaahhh I had no idea you liked it too! And I AGREE - I wish I had that level of skill. Just watching them makes me energetic and exhausted simultaniously. XD

      Ooo, I love these questions - thank you! <3

      And I hope you have an awesome March as well, Kathryn! :D

  14. NEWSIES!!!! i could go on and on about that musical!! And the rotten apple cores suck.. I can definitely say that life has been throwing em' at me too.

    Here are my questions!
    Which do you prefer, the movie or the Broadway show of Newsies?
    What does your dream room look like?
    Any advice for people new to bullet journaling?


    1. NEWSIES IS THE BEST!!!! Okay but clearly we need to have a conversation about this musical. XD Aw, sorry to hear that - I hope this March goes better for both of us!

      And thank you for the questions! I’m going to enjoy answering that second one . . . ;)

      <3 <3

  15. Oh my gosh, isn't Big Hero 6 the best?!! XD And unfortunately, I haven't seen Newsies, but I really have to now... Your short story sounds so cool, good luck submitting it! ;) I'm so sorry that February wasn't the best month for you, but hey, I bet your blogiversary will cheer you up! <333 Here are my questions:
    - Do you have any ridiculous/silly goals?
    - Do you prefer physical writing with a black, grey, blue (or any other color) pen?
    - Are you easily embarrassed?

    Have fun answering these, and I hope you have a better March! *hugs*

    1. It really is - I don’t know how it’s such a masterpiece, but it is!!! Okay, you should definitely listen to it! (If you want more angst, go to the Broadway soundtrack. XD If not, try the movie soundtrack.) Aw, thank you - and that’s the hope! <3333

      Ooo, I can’t wait to answer these questions! Thank you - and I hope you have a great March too! *hugs back*

  16. Ooh, everyone’s doing Q&As and this makes me happy. *throws confetti*

    -Cake or pie???
    -Song you’ve had on repeat for at least a week?
    -Your next anticipated read?
    -If you could live in any fictional world for a day, which one would you choose?
    -What’s one pop culture word/phrase that you never use/think is stupid and should disappear forever?

    1. Haha, ‘tis the season for Q&As, I guess! *blows kazoo*

      Thank you for the questions, I’m super excited to answer them! <3

  17. I would totally join you with your read-through of Brandon Sanderson, as I've been wanting to get into his writing, but the only library that has his books is over an hour away. I guess I could still give it a shot.

    YAY!! The Q&A won!! Here's my questions:

    What is your favorite blogging moment?
    When was your first ah-ha moment during writing?
    What is the make-up of your blood at this point (Red Bull, coffee, musicals, lack of sleep, those kinds of things)?
    Which club are you more in: #ciscoramon4life or #antilovetriangle ?

    1. Oof, yes, that is a ways away. (But if you do decide to do it, send me a message and I will reread Elantris and the others with you!) <3

      Yay, I’m glad to see you’re excited!!! And THOSE QUESTIONS ARE AWESOME. (Especially that third one - I’m already thinking about my answer. XD)

  18. I love Big Hero 6 and Newsies!

    Favorite book of 2020?
    What's something your really proud of?
    Favorite movie?

    1. Nice! *high-fives* Who’s your favorite Newsies character?

      Ooo, I love your questions! Although that last one is a little cruel . . . XD

  19. Wait, wait! Someone else who knows and loves TwoSet Violin??!?!?

    The Newsies choreography is simply astonishing. I used to do theatre,and I always wanted to do Newsies...but also I'm no dancer so it wouldn't have worked at all. XD

    I haven't read all the other comments,so sorry if someone's already asked, but a few questions:
    - Least favorite musical?
    - Would you like to be famous, or would you rather not?
    - Would you rather be a plastic bag or a water buffalo?

    1. *is dying* YOU LIKE THEM TOO??? Okay but YES they are AMAZING and I LOVE THEM. Did you see the Tchaikovsky drop??

      Haha, I get that completely. That would be awesome to do, but I don’t think my coordination is good enough. XD We can just sing the songs on the sidelines. ;)

      (I don’t think you asked any repeat questions!) I can’t wait to answer these - thank you so much! :)

    2. *is also dying*
      But YES. Well...I missed the livestream itself sadly...but it was AMAZING!!!!!

    3. *has long since deceased*
      Oh, no! But at least it’s still watchable, and YES, I AGREE!! (Especially when the balloons started falling down XD XD)

  20. Big Hero 6 is probably my favorite Disney movie, it's got one of my all-time favorite tropes (unlikely family saving the world). Also, the Cosmere is great! I recommend the Mistborn trilogy and the Stormlight Archive :)

    1. Yes, I love that trope too!! And I have GOT to finish the Stormlight Archive - everyone says it’s super good!

  21. *pops in late* HEYYYYY LOOK AT YOU, another blogiversary! *claps hands* Also, Newsies has some really great songs (I love the medley Peter Hollens did)! AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR SHORT STORY EEEEEEEP!! And Camp NaNo is HERE already??!

    Here are some questions:

    - What's your most productive hour of the day?
    - Favorite underrated Disney hero, heroine, villain, and movie?
    - Favorite book of 2019?
    - If one of your characters showed up to hang out with you for a week, which one would you have the most fun with, and which one would wreak the most unwanted havoc (villains don't count xD)?
    - A writing lesson you've learned over the past year?
    - Favorite chocolate flavor combination? (mint chocolate, chocolate & peanut butter, chocolate raspberry, etc.)
    - Favorite thing about your home state/city?
    - And juuuuust in case you found a new favorite fairytale between now and last year's blogiversary... What is it? xD

    Always be a happy camper! <3

    1. *also pops in late for answering this comment* I CAN’T BELIEVE I MADE IT XD. (Oh my goodness, that medley is how I got into Newsies in the first place!!! <3 <3) AAAHHH THANK YOU I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!! That’s what I said!! *completely unprepared*

      Ooo, love these questions, Merie! I can’t wait to answer them!

      (Also, I promise I’m commenting on your blog, I just think my comments are getting sent to spam. WordPress is NOT being a happy camper to me, apparently. -_-)

    2. OOf, that's rude of WordPress! I'm gonna try fixing that, thank you for letting me know!

    3. Thank you! (It’s been happening with a lot of WP blogs recently . . . *sigh* the Internet is just wonderful at times, isn’t it. XD)

    Rotten apple core months are the worst. Hopefully March is better.
    Wow. Spring is when there are lots of Blogiversarys. Mine's in May. I was thinking of doing a Q&A. Do you recommend doing it? Anyway, here are my questions:
    If you could have dinner with three fictional characters, all written by the same author, who would they be?
    Favorite cat breed?
    Do you collect anything besides books?
    What is your opinion on Slytherin?
    What is your least favorite Marvel movie?
    What are your hobbies besides blogging?
    Game night or movie night?
    What are all of your fandoms?
    Favorite male author and favorite female author?
    Do you like cake?
    Favorite TV show(s)?

    1. XD XD THE PAIN IS REAL, THOUGH. I miss SO MANY POSTS on a daily basis and it’s not even funny. *joins you in glaring at email*
      Aw, thank you - and I hope March is treating you well so far!
      Haha, ‘tis the season for blogoversaries, I guess. XD Good for you for breaking the trend of “blogoversary in March”! (I might be slightly biased, but I recommend doing a Q&A. It’s super fun and can easily get out of hand. XD)
      Thank you for all the questions! I can’t wait to answer them! :D


Welcome to the comment section! I love hearing what you guys think and seeing you guys talk. Just remember to keep it clean, and as always, check back for my replies! <3