7 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Hamilton

July 05, 2020

Happy Sunday!

I think you’ve seen this around, but HAMILTON IS NOW ON DISNEY+.


For those of you who don’t know, Hamilton is my all-time favorite musical. I got into it almost two years, and I . . . never really stopped listening to it. XD except for the last few months because anime openings exist

But if you’ve considered watching this fantastic musical, but haven’t yet, here are some reasons why you should spend almost three hours watching people sing on stage.  XD

It’s super catchy.
When I started listening to Hamilton for the first time, way back in November of 2018, I would get songs stuck in my head for DAYS. (You have no idea how long My Shot was in my head. It was insane.)

The story is all told through song and rap. I will admit, when my history teacher first told us that tidbit of info (she was the one who started me on it - she constantly nagged our class to listen to it), I was extremely doubtful. After all, rap? Every single rap song I’d ever heard just annoyed me.

I don’t know why Hamilton is different. Maybe it’s because its songs aren’t as . . . crude . . . as the more mainstream rap songs. Maybe it’s because these songs tell a story in a really creative way. Either way, this is the ONLY sort of rap I will listen to.

I find it really funny how fast this GIF goes

The character arcs are spot-on.
When you listen to Hamilton, it’s clear that the writer put a lot of thought into the character growth. Alexander grows from a rash teenager, to one of America’s Founding Fathers, to a man whose life has crashed down around him. Burr grows more impatient throughout the musical. Washington just gets more and more irritated (XD just kidding). Eliza changes from a lovestruck young woman to a heartbroken wife unsure of how to keep going.

The only major character who doesn’t really change is Jefferson. And that’s just fine.

This has nothing to do with this point. I just find it great.

It shows reality.
Hamilton doesn’t shy away from showing the consequences of bad actions. Alexander does really, really stupid things throughout his life. He gets involved in multiple duels, one of which ends up killing his son. He cheats on his wife and tries to cover it up through any means necessary. And he openly admits to cheating on his wife by writing a HUGE PAMPHLET ABOUT IT AND RELEASING IT TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. (I facepalm so hard during the Reynolds Pamphlet because GOSH HE’S AN IDIOT.)

But the musical SHOWS that these things had horrible consequences for Alexander’s life and the lives of those around him. It shows us that these things were wrong to do. And, leading in to the next point, it teaches some very important things in the process.

Excuse me while I yell at a historical figure now

It raises some important points.
Hamilton shows us that we need to think things through before we do them. So many of the problems Alexander goes through could have been solved if he didn’t just jump into them headfirst. I mean, come on. You really thought sending your son into a duel was a good idea? *sigh*

It also leads us to question what we’re doing in our lives. So many times we put off doing things and procrastinate. But Hamilton reminds us that we don’t know when we’re going to die, and we don’t know when others are going to die. We need to show love for others now. We need to actively start pursuing God now. And we can’t just say we’re going to change the world. We have to actually do it.

So we can’t throw away our shot.

It hurts me to put this GIF here. PHILIP :_(

It’s a true story.
I find stories are always more powerful if they’re true, and the same goes for musicals. Sure, Anastasia is moving in its own way, but it’s most definitely fiction. Wicked (which I don’t entirely agree with) has a powerful, inspiring friendship, but it’s fiction. Hamilton shows the consequences of actions and courage in war - and it does so by telling a true story.

Now, I’m not denoting that fiction is powerful. The stories that have changed my life the most are fiction. But it’s a different experience to look at such an incredible life story, like Hamilton’s, and think, “All this was actually true.” It’s crazy.

“The Room Where It Happens” is a particularly good song

You’ll pass a lot of your History tests.
I’m seriously not kidding. The last two tests of my U.S. History class were about Hamilton’s time - the first test basically covered Act I and the second one covered Act II. In fact, the second test’s material basically stopped after Hamilton’s death.

Did I really study for the tests?


But did I listen to the musical while “studying”?


(It must be said here that I was also reading Ron Chernow’s biography of Hamilton at the time, and some of that material did correspond with the test material. That biography also helped me pass. But Hamilton did cover most of it.)

Also, if you tell your History teacher that you listen to Hamilton, you’ll either get extra points in her book - or she’ll think that you’re one of THOSE people. *shrugs*

My history teacher when she learned I now listen to Hamilton

It has Lafayette.

Seriously. His song “Guns and Ships” is one of the most fun-to-sing songs on the entire soundtrack. (Don’t believe me? I rapped to it here.)

In addition, he’s one of the most interesting people of the Revolutionary War era. I read his biography, Lafayette, and found it really good. Highly recommended!

Immigrants. WE GET THE JOB DONE.

Content Warning: admittedly, there is quite a bit. I recommend listening to the clean version, as it censors most (but not all) profanity. Some reoccurring words were d***, f***, w****, s***, and h***. God’s name is taken in vain several times (but I really like how Alexander ends up turning back to God towards the end). A major part of the plot is that Alexander cheats on his wife. Drinking is mentioned in several scenes, and sex is mentioned in one or two songs. There’s also a few bad messages, but I think the good outweighs the bad in this case.

If you want a complete list of the content in each song, ask me down in the comments, and I’ll draft something up for you!

I also have a playlist on my Spotify that does not include the heart-wrenching songs or (some of) the most vulgar songs. (“A Winter’s Ball,” for instance, literally makes my blood curdle.) Here it is, if you’re interested.

Again, I really hope you at least try Hamilton. It’s definitely not for everyone, but as someone who doesn’t like rap music or bad language, I LOVE it.

Hope you guys have a great day!

-Nicole <3

Have you listened to Hamilton? Do you find the Revolutionary War interesting? Do you like history? Let’s chat!

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  1. I listened to it a few months ago, and I didn't really like it. Don't get me wrong, I love Lin Manuel Miranda's work and I can tell that he put a ton of effort into this. After the first hour the rap got old and the content started to bother me (I didn't know that there was a clean version!! Now I want to try that). I pulled through, though, and I did like the very ending. I cried when Philip died, so points there. ;) Also, I learned things! I want to watch it instead of just listening to it, because those gifs have convinced me! :) Good post, Nicole!

    1. Haha, Philip dying gets me every time. :_( And yeah, the content REALLY gets old, so I totally see where you’re coming from! (Sadly, it’s not COMPLETELY clean, but most of the swear words are cut out, which is nice).

  2. Drat it all, you've about convinced my to try it. :P I've been digging my heels in for YEARS because I don't like musicals and I haaaate rap so I just couldn't imagine I'd enjoy this. But now that Disney+ has it, making it way too convenient to try it, I've been tempted. My own curiosity is getting the best of me. And now this post is adding to my temptation. Hmmm... I may just have to cave. WE WILL SEE. XD

    1. XD XD Honestly, I hate rap with a burning passion, and I LOVE this musical, so *shrugs*. But yeah, Disney+ is making it WAY too convenient. And honestly, it’s not for everyone! I hope that you at least try it, though, because I didn’t think I’d like it, either, and I fell HARD. XD

  3. I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH. my family and i watched it last night, and OH MY WORD, it was amazing. i couldn't stop smiling - ITS JUST SO GOOD.

    "Hamilton" will always be my favorite musical - it's just so incredible. also totally agree - i'm not a fan of rap, but i love the rap songs in "Hamilton".

    LAFAYETTE. one of my proudest accomplishments is that i can sing the entirety of "Guns and Ships", xD.

    1. IT WAS SO SO SO GOOD OH MY WORD I cried so hard honestly

      I agree with ALL of that - I don’t think anything can top it for me. :D


  4. AAAAH HAMILTON! I am SO EXCITED for the movie (it's gonna be amazing!!!) I CANNOT WAIT FOR ALL THE ANGELICA! Also, YES TO EVERYTHING YOU JUST SAID. *coughs* Sorry about all the caps.
    Related to your history test point--one of the best moments of my life was when my Philosophy teacher let me write one of my long papers on him because one of our classes was on the Federalist Papers. (And did I blatantly steal lines from the musical a couple of times? Of course. I did cite them, though. XD)

      *gasp* that is amazing, your paper must have been so much fun to write! :D

  5. I REALLY NEED TO START LISTENING TO MUSICALS😩 I should just bite the bullet and jump on the bandwagon...but the content of this one scares me a little. Could I get that content list? I don’t wanna be a pain, but HEY YOU OFFERED, SISTER😂😂😂

      Honestly, yeah, the content is scary. XD XD Do you want a song-by-song list of everything, or like a more detailed summary? (I can do either, whatever works :D)

  6. IT ANNOYS ME SO MUCH THAT THIS HAS SO MUCH LANGUAGE IN IT BECAUSE I'VE SEEN SO MANY PEOPLE RAVING ABOUT IT. And I just want to know what the hype is about but ickkk. xD I'll have to listen in on your playlist! (I love how it's just called "Hamilton Minus the Bad Songs". XD)


    1. IT ANNOYS ME TO NO END, there isn’t any need for the cursing. It’s just randomly there. -_- (haha, thank you, I take great pride in that name XD)

  7. I've heard of Hamilton (but hasn't everyone?) but never listened to it.
    Maybe I should try it, though, and then I can finally join in when my friends start singing it.

    1. Ooo, yes, you should try it! I get the feeling you would really like it. :D

  8. I've never listened to Hamilton but one of my friends really loves it and says exactly the same good things about this musical as you! I think I have to try to listen to it one day :) Hope you're having a lovely day!
    Ann xx

    1. If you ever get the chance, you should listen! Aw, thanks, and you too! <3

  9. Ahhhhh I love Hamilton. I mean I can't really say that because I've only listened to "You'll Be Back" and its reprises and "Dear Theodosia"? But I know I WOULD love it if I just listened to it more often. I never do because I know there's language, and I've got little siblings with big ears running all around the house, and I'm not sure which songs are "safe," y'know? But the clean versions. O.O That's an epiphany. Thanks for pointing out the existence of those.

    Anyway. I love this post, Nicole. As a girl who gets a taaad excited about history, I would really not object to more musicals in the vein of Hamilton, you know?


    1. DEAR THEODOSIA IS SO GOOD, THOUGH. But yeah, I definitely get what you’re saying - there’s a LOT of language that little siblings should really not hear. But yes, there are clean versions, and although they’re not 100% perfect, either, they’re LOADS better. (Maybe don’t listen to “Say No To This,” in public, though XD)

      I agree completely - historical musicals are so interesting! I’ve also gotten into Newsies, which is veryyyyyy loosely based on real events, so if you haven’t tried that, I’d recommend it! (Plus, it’s way cleaner :D)

      LAFAYETTE!!!!! His song Guns and Ships is pretty clean, as I recall. ;)

  10. I can't wait to watch it! I've listened to the soundtrack tons.
    I'm saving it to watch with a friend, and it's making me a bit crazy.

    1. Oh man, I hope you get to watch it soon - it’s SO GOOD :D

  11. AGGGHHHH HAMILTON. I still need to watch Act 2 but ACCCKKKK.


  12. ahhh i've never seen Hamilton but i'm planning on watching the Disney Plus adaptation soon!! i've heard only good things about the musical and i hope the adaptation is as good, haha. this was such a great post and made me even more excited!! ❤❤

    1. Yessss, you should!! I thought it was an excellent adaptation, personally. XD I hope you enjoy it if/when you do watch it! <3 <3

    2. also, in case you see this, CONGRATS ON 1K SUBSCRIBERS ON YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL!! I know numbers don't mean everything, but you've been doing so well, and you deserve each and every viewer. <3

  13. YES. YES. THIS POST. I can't wait to watch it! Your points, though, are ON POINT. Especially the Lafayette one. I don't even like rap either, but history NEEDS to be told through rap. THAT IS HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE.

    Yeah, I'm kinda lowkey obsessed with "Non-Stop" and "Guns and Ships" but... can you blame me?

    Also, only recently have I started to appreciate the finer points of historical accuracy but apparently the costumes in Hamilton are both intentionally accurate, yet take intentional liberties because of course, the costume designer on Hamilton had to be a genius too. xD

    1. I HOPE YOU WATCH IT SOON!! And I completely agree - this is how you should teach history! It's wayyy more fun and memorable. :D

      I cannot blame you, especially since I am obsessed with those two songs as well. XD Non-Stop especially is so underrated!!

      *nods* I hadn't seen that, but that is epic. And why does everyone involved in Hamilton have to be so talented??? It's unreal XD

  14. Hey Nicole! Good to find your blog again. Hamilton was AMAZING. Honestly, it coming out on Disney Plus was easily one of the highlights of my summer. The music! The choreography! The story! Good to hear you liked it too. :)

    1. Hey Grace!! Welcome back! *sends virtual chocolate* Oh, same, it was definitely a highlight for me too! I'm so glad you liked it!! *is now fangirling all over again*

  15. *breathes deeply* I! HAVE! WATCHED! IT! SO! MANY! TIMES! ALREADY! Also i didn't expect to cry but Its Quiet Uptown is so much worse to watch than just listen to, i can't even :( Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Their Story hurt me in the best way possible, i'm still not over it.


    1. OH! MY! GOODNESS! WASN'T IT SO GOOD?????? *CANNOT WORD RIGHT NOW* It's Quiet Uptown actually destroyed me and it had no right to. ;_( I will never be over it honestly.



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