6 Excellent Background Soundtracks for Studying/Writing/Basically Whatever

December 13, 2020

 Happy Sunday!

It's December, and we all know what that means: exam-taking, last-minute studying, and stress. And if you're like me, you'll want to alleviate some of that stress - for instance, by listening to music.

But I get so distracted by the type of music I typically listen to. You can bet I'll stop studying if a Hamilton song comes on in my playlist.

Today, I'm bringing to you six fantastic, mostly wordless albums for you to listen to while you're studying for that final. But honestly, they work well in any situation where you need to focus on your work: writing, cleaning, in the middle of your Zoom class, etc.

This has been my ultimate school soundtrack for the past two years. As most of you probably know, Big Hero 6 is about college students, so that automatically helps make the music even more relevant. However, its atmosphere also makes this album perfect for doing homework. 

No, I don't know why that text is centered. I tried to fix it and Blogger wouldn't cooperate. XD

Some tracks are very electronic (like Microbots), some are very chill (like Inflatable Friend), and some are mildly intense and motivational (like Big Hero 6, which is the actual name of a song in the album). There's a little bit of everything!

The video below plays Nerd School, which is equal parts motivational and chill:

Somehow, this soundtrack manages to combine the beauty of movie soundtracks and the feeling of lofi, and it's AMAZING. Granted, it can be sad at times, but it's so calming and peaceful that it's great for any study session or chill writing time.

My personal favorites from this soundtrack include:

- lvs: one of those songs that has the feeling of lofi, yet isn't lofi

- frc: one of the most intense songs in the album that'll really ignite your fear of homework deadlines XD

- lit(var), which you can listen to below. :)

Minecraft follows the trend of a lot of video game music in that it was created to be atmospheric, not distracting. Many of the tracks fade in and out, providing for seamless transitions between them. They're all very simple and relaxing - that is, except for the few songs that play whenever monsters approach, or the occasional jarring electronic piece. Beware of those. XD

Even if you've never played Minecraft before, you've definitely heard some of the most iconic songs, like Sweden, a calm piano track. I also really love Beginning, one song that fades in at the beginning and fades out at the end. My favorite, though, is the song Minecraft, which gives me A Silent Voice vibes:

All right, so this technically isn't a soundtrack. Cursedsnake is an electronic music composer that I found on Spotify. And while I haven't listened to ALL his songs - because he has a lot of them - they're great soundtracks for when you're writing or researching a paper.

My personal favorites, Calm and Sunrays, both have slow buildups, and their beats are simple yet perfect for background music.

yes, they're my favorites because they're used in Geometry Dash levels, why do you ask

Remember how I said that Cursedsnake was great for writing papers? The Death Note soundtrack is like that, but more intense. I listened to this soundtrack quite a bit while writing papers - the music made me feel like I was a genius detective doing important work that would change the world. It's very hard to explain. XD 

Also, I'd suggest you listen to piano versions of the soundtrack, because otherwise it's super intense. There's a great album called L's Theme (The Greatest Instrumental Themes from Death Note) by Anime Kei that I highly recommend.

My absolute favorite song out of this entire soundtrack is L's Theme. It's what I would classify as Serious Piano Music, and I'm listening to an hour-long loop of it now. XD Here's a much shorter clip of it:

I don't personally use these soundtracks too much because its nostalgia distracts me, but one of my friends SWEARS that the MarioKart soundtrack helped her write her essay quickly. *shrugs* I'm taking her word for it. XD

Also, if you need something repetitive to play in the background, I HIGHLY recommend the ten-hour Wii theme song video, which I've "helpfully" linked down below. I got through five hours of it in two days and then needed to stop because I thought I would go insane.


So yeah! These are essentially the soundtracks that got me through my last semester. I'm curious to know what you listen to while studying or writing - there are so many epic soundtracks out there!

If you're still taking exams, best of luck - you've got this! <3 If you're not, then best of luck on whatever project you're working on! :D

-Nicole <3

What soundtracks do you listen to while studying or working? Do you like electronic music? Thoughts on lofi? Let's talk!

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  1. Such a fun and pertinent post! This is really interesting to me, because I can listen to music with words almost all the time when I'm working on schoolwork (I just, sort of tune it out? Which is maybe not ideal for music listening, lol). The only exception is when I'm writing long papers-- at that point I definitely need music with no words. I usually listen to The Piano Guys. :)

    I love the idea of using the Big Hero 6 music! My family just watched that one for the first time, and I really enjoyed it...I don't remember all the music, but from what I can remember, I bet it's great for studying/writing papers. I'll have to try it out. :)

    1. I admire your ability to listen to music with words - that's a skill I so wish I had :D. (Haha, maybe it's not the best way to listen to music, but hey, if background noise helps, then it works!) *nods* Understandable - and Piano Guys are great!

      Ooo, you just watched Big Hero 6?? I'm so glad you enjoyed it - it's such a great movie! (Did you have a favorite character?)

    2. Hmm...my favorite character was probably GoGo, honestly (that is her name, right?) she just seemed like my kind of gal. :) (That scene where she pushes Wasabi out of the way to drive--GOLD)

    3. YES, GoGo is AMAZING!! (That car chase scene is definitely one of the best moments in the entire film, honestly - it's just PERFECT :D)

  2. Soundtracks have been my lifeline this semester. xD I wasn't a big soundtrack person until a couple years ago or so, but now they're basically all I listen to when I'm doing homework or writing. Lyrics never used to bother me but now I get SO DISTRACTED. XD

    Okay... I don't know how you managed to listen to five hours of Wii music. xD I mean, it's great and all, but I think my mind would have gone numb. I would have also been picturing my Mii wandering around the square with all the other weirdos the whole time. xD

    My favorite soundtracks this year have been Lord of the Rings and Endgame! I listened to LOTR SO much, especially in the fall when I wanted something to fit the mood and that I could write and do schoolwork to. And Endgame... well, you know all about how it consumed my life for a bit. xD


    1. Haha, that's EPIC - and it's so interesting to hear about that transition! I totally agree about music with lyrics - So. Distracting. *cries*

      Honestly, I don't know either. My mind DID go numb and it wasn't good. XD I don't think I could listen to it again for a while.

      Ooo, YES, both those soundtracks are AMAZING. (haha, I admire that you can even listen to Endgame's soundtrack - whenever I try, I start crying XD)

  3. Death Note yesss! I love L's theme.

  4. Ajdjajsbfjajsfjdf now I need to listen to the silent voice soundtrack!!

  5. Such a great post! I love the Big Hero 6 soundtrack. I'll have to listen to the rest. Honestly, I don't really get distracted when listening to music that has lyrics in it. Idk why, but, hey, that means I can listen to showtunes while I work.

    1. It's such a fantastic collection of music!
      I really admire that - the ability to listen to showtunes while working is something I wish I had XD

  6. Love this post! Death Note's soundtrack is just *chef's kiss*

  7. I listen to Big Hero 6 soundtrack! It is amazing and so inspiring too.
    Oh, man, I remember that Minecraft piece! I just love the vibe it gives off. Definitely a favourite from Minecraft.
    My studying/writing instrumentals are mostly of epic fantasy/sci-fic music pieces. I think it is weird that I find the dramatic-ness is calming and helps me focus!

    1. *high-fives* Nice! I completely agree - I get inspired every time I listen to it.
      And same here! Its vibe is just . . . so, so good. :D
      Ooo, that sounds like a great lineup of music! And I definitely can relate - sometimes dramatic music can really get you in the mood and help you focus!

  8. I love listening to soundtracks while studying or writing!! I never thought to listen to the Wii theme music, but that's actually brilliant XD

    1. Nice!!! And I'm not sure if it's brilliance or madness, but I'll take your word for it XD

  9. All of these look like they sound amazing! (I don't have any headsets at the moment and am currently in a room full of people who may glare at me if my laptop suddenly spouts off music. XD) I LOVE Big Hero 6! SO. MANY. FEELS. Oooh! MarioKart Wii! We still have that game! My siblings and I played it every day until we got the WiiU. MarioKart is seriously one of our favourite games to play. :)

    I like to listen to movie soundtracks, video game soundtracks, and if I have access to YouTube, I love the mixes that are labeled Fantasy music, while I write my books or if I'm just chilling. I also like to listen to my local Christian radio, they're playing fantastic Christmas songs right now! ^_^ Okay, I honestly like to listen to most anything while I write. XP

    1. (The struggle is REAL - I can almost never listen to any links from bloggers because I read their posts in public. XD You're totally fine! ;) ) BIG HERO 6 IS AMAZING!! *cries* YES, MarioKart is the BEST!!! Definitely one of my favorite video games of all time. And ooo, you have a WiiU? That's so cool! :D

      Those Fantasy mixes are honestly amazing and such a lifesaver at times. :D And Christian radios during Christmastime are always a great options! XD Haha, nothing wrong with that!


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