In the Beginning.....

March 25, 2018

Happy Gondorian New Year! *throws lots of confetti everywhere*

What better way to celebrate this Middle-Earth new year than my first post on this brand new blog? Who am I kidding, this post isn’t celebrating the demise of Sauron.

Hello! Welcome to Legend of a Writer. I'm Nicole, an aspiring Catholic fantasy author. You should probably know that I'm a diehard fangirl (no, not the movie) and dark chocolate hoarder. 

(This isn’t actually my first blog. However, I wasn’t very dedicated on the old one. I hope to change that with a fresh start.)

I hope to post every Sunday, but forging habits is difficult. I'll probably post about writing, and whatever is currently making me fangirl (like Lord of the Rings, Keeper of the Lost Cities, the Lunar Chronicles . . . the list goes on and on). 

Anyways, welcome to my blogging journey, and thanks for stopping by!


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