Easter + NaNoWriMo

April 01, 2018

Happy Easter!

On this day, our Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead in glory. On this day, the women discovered that He was not in the tomb.

It's a day to celebrate! Maybe you get together with family for a meal, or participate in Easter egg hunts.

But today is also April 1st. And all of us writers know what that means . . .

Camp NaNoWriMo.

*cue ominous music*

Isn't it ironic that Camp NaNo and Easter fall on the same day? They kind of send mixed messages. On the one hand, we're invited to celebrate Jesus and his rising. On the other, the panic begins as we struggle to hit our goal word counts for the month.

But this could also be a great reminder to glorify Him in all we write, and to write for Him.

Writing is a talent, given by God. So often we get caught up in the act of writing that we forget to thank the One who gave this gift to us.

And if He gave it to us, then shouldn’t we use it to further His Kingdom?

Writing is a beautiful gift. As we begin the craziness of April with Easter, let's try to remember who we're writing for, and let's thank Him who rose from the dead for us.


How are you celebrating Easter? Are you doing Camp NaNo?

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