My Rant about Infinity War

April 29, 2018

So, as everyone probably has heard somewhere . . . INFINITY WAR HAS COME OUT!!!! 

I went and watched it with some family and friends this Saturday, and I just HAD to write about it.

(Be warned: there are many spoilers in this, probably because it’s impossible for all my feelings to make sense without them. Apologies!) 

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All right, so I’m splitting this up into sections to accurately demonstrate my mixed feelings.

Most of the Movie

I was loving Infinity Wars. I really was. I was laughing most of the time. When Star-Lord and Iron Man got together, I was dying of laughter. And Spider-Man! Oh my goodness. He was just spouting fandom references left and right.

The characters were also spot-on. Thor was so amazingly epic. Captain America was awesome - but I missed the shield. Teenage Groot was incredible. I even liked Iron Man, and I rarely like Iron Man. Scarlet Witch was amazing, especially when she was faced with the choice of killing Vision or letting half the world die. 

Marvel also did a good job with keeping track of all the plot lines. I didn’t feel like there were too many loose ends (except where was Valkyrie?).

All right, here goes to the more controversial parts.

The First Five Minutes

Okay, I just hated how they started it. I mean, I knew that they had to show what happened to Thor, and I understand that what happened had to happen.

But . . . I didn’t want Loki to die that early. I suspected it, but hoped it didn’t happen. I was thinking, how funny would it be for Loki to actually side with the Avengers? He'd probably get teased a lot, but his redemption arc would at least be complete.

(A side note: at least he died trying to defend Thor and defeat Thanos.)

The Last Fifteen Minutes

I was getting into the ending, like, okay, the Avengers will come back. They have to. It’s what they do. 

And then . . . they didn’t. Everything went wrong. Thanos got the Mind Stone and did it.

Bucky died. That was the start of my tears. I loved Bucky to death in the Captain America movies. He was just this hurting guy trying to do the right thing, except that he was being manipulated by all the wrong people. And he was gone - just like that.

ALL the Guardians died. Except for Rocket. But seriously? You're just leaving Rocket, the "rabbit" And I get started on Gamora's early death and how Thanos was "crying" later.

And then came Peter Parker, saying "I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna die," over and over and over. Until he, too, died. That death really hit me hard.

All of this leads into . . .

My Problem with the Ending

I guess I like happy endings. I guess I like endings where good triumphs over evil.

But Infinity War's ending . . . . it just violated all of that.

Thanos gets what he wants. He does wipe out half the universe's population. And this isn’t another one of Marvel's "oh, they’re not really dead!" instances.

I hate stories where the bad guy wins and the good guys lose everything. And that’s exactly what happened with Infinity War. What are we supposed to take away from this movie?

Oh, wait. I know.

My Problem with Thanos

There’s another thing that ticks me off about this movie.


Sure, I love the relatable bad guy as much as the next person. And on the one hand, I can completely understand why he was driven to do what he did.

But when he was getting the Soul Stone (and I was like, wait, Red Skull is alive??), and he sacrificed Gamora, I was thinking, how could he possibly claim to love her? The very definition of love (well, maybe it’s just my definiton) is "willing to do anything for someone or something." And he killed her! He let his ambition overpower his "love" for her.

Honestly, Thanos sickens me. He operates under the cover of mercy and love. What kind of mixed messages is this sending to people? He says, "They called me a madman." I don’t know if that’s what he is, but his morals are seriously messed up - more than most supervillains of our age.

What makes it worse is the ending of the movie: Thanos will return. I don’t know why, but that irritated me even more. Marvel seems like they almost want for us to root for Thanos. When, really . .  . the guy is the last person in the word we should want to win.

But I know what I got out of the movie. Ambition is more important that morals or loved ones. Also, good doesn’t always win. Sometimes the evilness wins. Which, of course, is completely against my Catholic faith.

(Wow, I just realized how spiteful those last few paragraphs sounded.)


So, how can Marvel come back from this ending? There is such thing as a Time Stone, so hypothetically someone could use that to bring everyone back, and it would be a plausible ending.

But honestly, I just don’t know what to think. On the one hand, it was a good movie. On the other . . . the ending really ticked me off.

I guess we'll see how Ant-Man and the Wasp handles this. . . .


So, what did you think of Infinity War? Did you like the ending?

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  1. Originally, the 2019 Avengers movie was titled "Infinity War -- Part Two" and this was "Infinity War -- Part One." The 2019 movie is now "Untitled Avengers Movie," but that's what "Thanos Will Return" and the calling-up of Captain Marvel in the stinger mean. This was part one, and part two is still coming. It's like the ending of the book The Two Towers, where it totally ends with "Frodo was alive, and taken by the enemy." Evil seems to have won. Good seems to have lost. For the moment, this is true. But this is not the end.

    The ending actually ticks me off too, but only because I know it's temporary. There's another Spider-man movie coming, there's presumably another Black Panther movie or two coming, and so obviously they're not going to stay dead. So what makes me mad is that I've been emotionally manipulated, and so have the surviving MCU characters at this point. They're all sad over the people who dusted, but I can see this will be reversed, so the sadness is in a way kind of pointless.

    Anyway. I've seen Infinity War twice now, and that's enough until #2 comes out and I see how this all plays out.

    -Hamlette/Rachel K.

  2. I agree with you. I mean, they’re called "The Avengers" for a reason. They need something to avenge.

    Yeah, the deaths are probably all going to be reversed. This IS Marvel. But still, I hate that they decided to make everyone think that the dead characters are actually dead.

    And hey, your name is Rachel too! Cool!

    1. Yeah. I just am now worried that some of the core 6 Avengers are going to die permanently in the next one. I could see Thor, Cap, or Tony making The Ultimate Sacrifice to reverse things. And then I will cry a lot.

      Yup, it is :-)

      -Hamlette/Rachel K.

    2. Yeah. The next movie is definitely going to kill off at least one of them. :(

  3. I think a lot of us don't like the movie because the story kept building up so much through the entire film but didn't leave us really feeling satisfied. It just left you feeling confused, especially if you didn't read the comics. It's why I wished I could've watched it next year, right before watching Part 2.
    Of course, that would've been impossible because I was way too excited for this film.

    1. That’s true. I think that the unsatisfaction was definitely a part of it.

      Haha, yes, I wouldn’t have been able to wait a whole year to watch it. :)

      Thanks for reading!


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