May 05, 2019

Happy Sunday!

(Also, Happy Belated Star Wars Day! Maybe next year I’ll give it the recognition it deserves, but today . . . today is different.)

So, unless you’ve been frozen in ice for the past seventy years, you’ll know that Avengers: Endgame released last week! And I went to see it Saturday, and . . . I have thoughts.

But! I figured I’d spice this post up a little bit and just make it a big Marvel party! Last week, Christine created an arc reactor a Marvel Cinematic Tag in celebration of Endgame! And, of course, since I love Marvel, I decided to do a Scott Lang and steal it.

I filled out the answers before Endgame, so there will be no spoilers in the tag itself! However, my thoughts will get very spoiler-y, so I’ll tell you when they begin.

Also, if you don’t appreciate frequent, random Marvel references, this is not the post for you. But if you’re ready, then suit up. see what I did there?

(because who needs rules?)

Feel free to include the above graphic somewhere in your post (but it’s definitely not necessary). Check!

Take the questions and answer them on your blog (or social media or wherever!). We're getting there!

Tag up to 5 other Marvel fans! Oof, because we all know how good I am at this. XD

The Questions

How were you introduced into the MCU fandom?
Honestly, I really don’t remember. XD I know that the first movie I watched was The Avengers, and I guess my obsession grew from there. The first movie I ever saw in theaters was Thor: Ragnarok, and that was when my journey towards the Dark Side became complete.

Oh look, I actually made a Star Wars reference! #MayThe4thBeWithYou

What’s your favorite Marvel film?

Okay, fiiiine.

I have it narrowed down to these - and DON'T make me narrow them down any further!

The Avengers
Captain America: The First Avenger
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Spider-Man: Homecoming

Top favorite Marvel character?
*deep breath*

BUCKY IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST AND IF HE DIES IN ENDGAME I WILL NOT ACCEPT IT. (keep in mind this is before Endgame and if he actually dies then don’t laugh at me. I will just be crying in a corner.)

But seriously, I’m all for mind-controlled best friends that cause extreme internal conflict. And Bucky's just so sweet in the first movie! <3

If you were transported into the MCU and had to trade places with one of the superheroes, who would you choose?
None? XD They all lead such risky and dangerous lives, honestly.

Maybe Hawkeye? He’s got a family and he’s typically not at much risk. If I were anyone else, I think I would die.

What are some of your favorite quotes from the films?
*proceeds to forget all Marvel quotes ever and has to look them up*

Okay, so here are a few!

"Who the h—- is Bucky?"
(It’s a pity that it has a curse word in it, otherwise I’d quote it more often.)

"I am NOT dying for six college credits!"

"Baskin Robbins always finds out."

"I wasn’t stealing anything! I was just returning something I stole!"

"I am Loki, of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose."

"I’m with you till the end of the line, pal." <3

"Loki, this is madness!"

"Oh, this is much better. Costume's a bit much . . . so tight. But the confidence! I can feel the righteousness surging! Hey, you wanna have a rousing discussion about truth? Honor? Patriotism? God bless America!"

"I can do this all day."

"I understood that reference."


Sorry, was that a bit much? ;)

Which crew would you want to be part of the most: Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, or Revengers?
Avengers, I think??? The Guardians just do stupid stuff all the time, and I don’t think I’d trust the Revengers much (because of Loki and Valkyrie). With the Avengers, I would get the chance to meet Bucky. ;)

Favorite and least favorite ship?
Okay, so here’s the thing. Some fandoms I’m very active in shipping, and others . . . I’m not. And Marvel is one of those that I’m not. So I don’t really think in couples, if that makes any sense?

But I’d have to say that I love Hawkeye’s marriage and family. It’s an unpopular opinion, I know, but I really like that he’s got a wife and kids. That scene in Age of Ultron melts my heart every time.

As for a least favorite ship . . . I don’t dig the whole Wanda and Vision thing. It’s just kind of creepy to me???

Favorite and least favorite villain?
Obviously Loki is my favorite. He’s got so much character depth and his sass is literally the greatest. (But I HATE him in the Avengers. He’s horrible. I don’t care if he IS controlled by the Tesseract. That gives you no excuse to murder innocent people.)

Least favorite.....

As in terms of lame villains, Malekith is just stupid, I’m sorry. What the heck.

But in terms of villains that I hate . . . Thanos. I don’t think I’ve EVER wished for a character to die before Thanos. I really haven’t.

Unpopular MCU opinion?
Oh, boy, do I have many!

I hate Iron Man at first, but I love how he improves throughout the series! But I physically can’t watch Iron Man 1, 2, or 3 because of this.

The Thor movies are the best. They’re extremely underrated. Do they have their cheesy moments? Yeah. But they get a bad rap for some reason and I don’t understand why.

I hate Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. What, exactly, was the point of that movie? It made me uncomfortable throughout - some of the things they decided to put in that movie.... *shudders*. Just no.

What's your favorite Stan Lee cameo?
Um. The one in Big Hero 6?

Just kidding. XD

Honestly, I really liked the one in Ragnarok and the one in Civil War, and the one in Winter Soldier.

Avengers, Assemble!

All right, and now for the tagged! For some reason, I had a really hard time thinking of people in the Marvel fandom, so if you’re not tagged but want to do it, DO IT. It’s so fun!

Anyways, I tag:
Faith @ The Singing Author
Savannah @ Inspiring Writes
Emily @ The Ones That Really Matter
Isabel @ Chasing Fantasia
Abigail @ Books, Life, and Christ


Okay. Thus far, the post has been spoiler-free. Nothing about Endgame has been mentioned.

HOWEVER, from here on out, MAJOR SPOILERS will be unleashed. If you haven’t seen the movie, just skip over the next half of the post. Thanks for reading, and see you next week!
ACTUALLY, I take that back. I’m announcing something at the end of this post, so just scroll down until you see the giant picture of a red X. That signifies that spoilers have ended.







Let's go.

We’re just going to get my dislikes out of the way first, because this was a 4.5 star movie for me. Two things detracted from my enjoyment (and no, one of them was not the fact that I literally cried throughout the entire thing. I’m not kidding):

- Marvel felt the need to include a gay character. It was completely random, was only mentioned once, and was probably just for “diversity,” but it still put a damper on the scene.

- As a Bucky fan, I was kind of disappointed that Cap gave the shield to Bucky. I could honestly dissect this entire scene for you, but suffice it to say that even though Bucky isn’t going to be the next Captain America, I respect Cap’s judgment. (But now I really want to write fanfiction about this scenario. It’s happening, guys. I seriously am planning it out right now.)

Okay, now that we’ve got that stuff out of the way, let me just say:


The beginning was super depressing for me, honestly, but it was such a sharp contrast to the hopeful tone that began ever since Ant-Man arrived at the Avengers complex.

Although it was three hours long, it never really felt too long. Now, I did feel like it was a long movie, but everything had to be in it. They had a lot of ground to cover, and they did it excellently.

Also, can we talk about the characters a little?

Iron Man . . . *tears up* you all know that I’m Team Cap, forever and always. But GAH, Tony was so great in this movie. I absolutely LOVED seeing him as a father - it was just adorable. “I love you 3,000.” And then what he did at the end of the movie . . . just, wow. He’s come a ways since Iron Man 1.

Captain America - well, of course he was great. That elevator scene, for instance - I DIED. All the throwbacks to the previous Cap movies made me so happy, honestly. And I loved how his character ended. I was crying from happiness at that point.

Hulk . . . he’s never been my favorite character, and he wasn’t my favorite in this movie. I don’t really know what else to say about him, so let’s move on.

Thor. Thor. Thor, you literal IDIOT. Am I saying this about the drinking problem? No. I’m saying this due to the fact that we learn that he’s pretty much been playing FORTNITE for five years. ARE YOU SERIOUS.

(Actually, I found that part hilarious, seeing as my brother plays Fortnite.)

Anyways, I loved Thor’s character arc, and especially the scene with his mother. (I totally hold that Thor is the Strongest Avenger, seeing as he actually stood a chance with Thanos when he was fifty pounds heavier and completely out of practice. That is true talent.)

Black Widow. I miss you already. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THAT??? I mean, I know WHY, but still! (Although we knew it had to happen...)

Hawkeye - I LOVED him in this movie. His character development was SPOT-ON. And I cried at the end when he was reunited with this family. (I cried through the whole thing, who are we kidding.)

I also ADORED how Ant-Man was a major player in this movie. Scott Lang has always been an underrated character in my opinion, and to see him shine like this was amazing.

Random Fangirl Moments:

When Loki took the Tesseract. I DIED.

Cap vs. Cap and the choice comments about America’s *word censored*

That one scene with Cap and the sun on the left, and Thanos and his army and shadows on the right side. I want to use that as my iPad background screen, but I CAN’T FIND IT ONLINE.


When Captain Marvel whooshed in and destroyed the ship.

Literally every Bucky scene.

“On your left.”

Scott Lang seeing his daughter again.

Tony’s funeral/last wishes. :_(

Spider-Man seeing Tony die and having to be pulled off of him. (I’m tearing up as I write this, let’s move on.)


The squad of women defending the Guantlet. This was supposed to be a feminist moment, but I think it showed that women are different than men and have different purposes. The men actually fought against Thanos (well, excepting Captain Marvel), and the women helped behind the scenes.

I know there’s a TON more of these scenes, but honestly, I can’t think of any at the moment.

Suffice it to say, I LOVED this movie.

Cue giant red X!

Now, for the announcement.

I know I just went on hiatus a few months ago....but..... *sigh*

Look, I don’t like this any more than you do. But:
- School has been crazy, and exams are coming up.
- My hands are doing some weird things, and I think it might be the beginning of Carpal Tunnel??? So I need to give them a rest. (Please tell that to all my school papers. XD)

I’m hoping that I’ll be back by the end of the month. I don’t want this to be a long hiatus. Unfortunately, since I’m cutting down on typing, I probably won’t comment. HOWEVER, I will definitely still be reading them and loving them!

And I’ll still be responding to comments!

(Which reminds me: if you’re going to talk about spoilers in the comments, say so. Because half of this post was spoiler-free and the readers of the tag may read the comment section.)

Anyways, I’ll see you sometime. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed!

-Nicole <3

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    love this post, Nicole! YESSS BUCKY BARNES <3 <3. he's my ultimate favorite character, and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE BUCKY / FALCON SHOW. "The Winter Soldier" is my all-time favorite Marvel film, and #TeamBucky should definitely be a thing. k and all your Endgame thoughts are basically mine, xD. Except the Thor thing...i really didn't like how they took such a legitimate response to grief and turned it into an ongoing joke. the first scene was funny, but i just was uncomfortable with it after awhile. *shrugs*

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT TONY. i'm definitely #TeamCap, and i didn't like Tony in the first two Iron Man movies (still haven't seen the third) and even in the first two Avengers movies and Cap 3. but i loved how much Tony's grown, especially in Spider-Man: Homecoming and in Endgame. and he has a daughter!! <3 <3 that was so adorable, and made his death so much sadder. *sniffs*

    k, i need to stop before i discuss all my Endgame thoughts, xD. (and i still haven't responded to your sorry! i'll do that now ;)

    <3 <3


      BUCKY BARNES IS THE BEST. <333 (#TeamBucky should definitely become a thing.) Yeah, I can definitely see that about Thor. I was grateful his mom knocked some sense into him. :)

      I KNOW, Morgan was the BEST, and him being a parent was so sweet! (Haha, join the “I haven’t seen at least 1 Iron Man movie” Club! We just watch Captain America 24/7. XD) *tear quietly drips down*

      XD honestly, though, discussing Endgame thoughts is the best! (Hey, and that’s fine - take your time! :) ) <333


    Heeyyyy, welcome to the "my hands are doing weird carpal-tunnel style things" club! XD We have cookies. And wrist pain. And soon it'll spread to your shoulders too. :P

    Have a lovely hiatus and I hope your hands feel better soon! You whup those school papers!


      Oh, no, not you too! And *cough* that doesn’t sound encouraging. Well, at least we get cookies . . . XD

      Thanks, Faith! (They’re all due this week and I’ve never been more excited for due dates. XD)

    Haha just kidding. I have never seen a single Marvel movie in my life.

    *hides behind Captain America shield*

    But this was a great post, Nicole! Now I'm curious about these movies, hmmmmm....... :D


      Hey, they’re definitely not everyone’s thing! (But I would recommend them if you’re a fan of superheroes, fight scenes, and great acting. :) )

  4. Such a fun tag! I have not seen Endgame. I love the quotes from the Ant man movie... Yes I recognized them. :)
    Hope you get all your exams done... no fun!

    1. :) Have you seen Ant-Man? (It’s probably one of the best Marvel movies.)
      Thanks, Rakayle! <3

  5. This post was so fun! I've only seen a few Marvel movies but I may break down and watch Endgame. It sounds really good from what people have been saying. XOXO

    1. It really was good! (Although, if you haven’t seen many Marvel movies, you might be a bit confused - a lot of events in Endgame are references to events in previous movies . . . But I mean, as long as you know what happened in Infinity War, you should be reasonably okay!) :)

  6. Basken Robbins always finds out haha! Best. Line. Ever. LOL! I also share the unpopular opinion that the Thor movies are THE BEST! My favorite is actually Dark World (which everyone else seems to dislike so much??). AHHH!! When I saw Loki I freaked! I was like yesss my Loki is free and alive even if he is in another dimension! It also gives me hope for the TV show about him that will be on Disney's new streaming service. I literally can not wait for that show! But I definitely agree. I cried so much during that movie and yet I loved it and appreciated how much they pandered to the fans and did so many amazingly awesome things (Cap grabbing Thor's hammer and Thor being like I knew it was the literal best!). It was just really amazing and I loved how they paid tribute to the original Avengers team. The movie felt like it brought the entire MCU full circle and that was really cool.

    1. Amen! That truly was the best line of that entire movie. And YES, the Thor movies are so underrated!! (Yesss, the Dark World was actually really good - probably because of Loki. XD)
      I KNOW, THAT SCENE WAS DOWNRIGHT INCREDIBLE. *whispers* I’m planning on writing fanfiction about it. ;)
      The whole Mjolnir part was just amazing and ACK. I agree - it felt like the perfect conclusion to the MCU. <3


    THIS. Just--THIS POST. Love it!!! Your answers are great!!

    I agree with you on the Wanda/Vision thing---that was just a little strange... And I think the SAME about the Guardian #2 movie---just left a bad taste in my mouth. Don't think I'll ever watch that one again.

    Your thoughts on Endgame are so similar to my own! I seriously thought Bucky would be the next Cap (though no one will ever really be able to replace him...), but seeing Falcon humbly accept the shield & the responsibility that comes with it, I think, with Bucky at his side, the world's in good hands. As to Tony, just seeing how his character grows from the arrogant, uber-selfish, look-at-me ego to the father who DID everything in his power AND literally gave his all was simply beautiful. It shows that humans certainly aren't perfect, but give them something/someone worth fighting for and GET OUTTA THE WAY.

    Nat. TT_TT LOVED Hawkeye!!! And Scott! And CAP with Mjolnir!!!! (i practically howled when that scene happened)

    THIS MOVIE. Such a great finale. Anyways, we completely understand in regards to a hiatus! Life happens & other things must take priority. We'll miss you!! But you do what you need to do & we'll look forward to your posts when you return! Best wishes, girlie!! <333


      Thanks, Sarah! <33

      Oh, thank goodness, someone else who doesn’t like Guardians #2! I agree - it’s really not worth a rewatch.

      AMEN to all of that! Those scenes were just amazing, honestly.

      HAWKEYE!! And MJOLNIR!! (Haha, there were definitely lots of gasps in the theater. XD)

      I agree! And thanks - hopefully I’ll be back before the end of May (at least, that’s how it’s looking right now). <3333

  8. Great answers! Love that your a Bucky fan, he needs more love. I was a bit disappointed by the shield moment in Endgame too.

    I absolutely loved it though! Such a fitting and emotional end.

    1. Can I have an AMEN on more Bucky appreciation? And yeah, I still wish that Bucky had become the new Captain America . . . but let’s hope Falcon's still a good one!

      Yay, I’m glad you liked it too! :)


    Firstly, I just found your blog and I already like it. However, I have to disagree with you about the Guardians of the Galaxy! Those are my absolute favorite movies, and I won't have anyone saying otherwise. Agree to disagree?:)

    Also, about Endgame now. I agree with you mostly, except I also didn't like how the time travel element at the end(you know which part) added SO MUCH CONFUSION. Like, if they had left that out, it would have been sadder I guess, but less confusing. Also, my two favorite parts were Steve with *censored* and when all of the ladies team up.

    I can tell you like Bucky(I don't mind him, I'm just not obssessed with him or anything) What if instead of him in the Winter Soldier it was Peggy? Just an interesting thing I saw one time. It would be interesting.

    Anyway, I'm Diamond of Nice meeting you!


      Aw, thanks so much, and welcome! *chocolate party* Honestly, I really love Guardians 1! The humor is spot-on, and the plot and characters . . . *fangirls*. I just didn’t like the second one. But agree to disagree! :)

      Haha, yeah, I can totally see that! I wasn’t really confused, but one or two of my friends were, and I think they could have done it a bit better. And HECK YES, those parts are great!

      *cough* It isn’t THAT noticeable, is it? ;) But yeah, he’s my favorite character in the MCU. Who's your favorite?


      Hey, nice meeting you too! Thanks for stopping by! :)

    2. OK! The way you talked in your post was that you didn't like either Guardians movie(which, I suppose would be alright), but I can see not liking the second one as much. (Just, not me, I've seen it 12 times)

      Yeah. I'm trying to not overthink it.

      Probably Peter Quill, then Groot, Steve Rodgers, Scott Lang, or Wanda Maximoff.

      Yeah, I actually found that idea on Pinterest and I was just like...hmmmmmmm.....

    3. Ack, sorry for the confusion! XD

      Haha, saaaame, honestly.

      YES, all those characters are amazing! They all have awesome moments - like when Peter sang while searching Morag for the Stone. I have never related more. <3

      Pinterest knows all . . . ;) just kidding, but that’s seriously interesting!

  10. ENDGAME WAS AWESOME. Ah!!!! So many tears, but I loved it to pieces. So great!!! Hawkeye and Spider-man are my favorite characters. I was really upset that Clint wasn't in Infinity War, but I'm so glad that he was in Endgame. :D But there are still a lot that a need to catch up on (coughcoughEverythingcoughcough).

    1. YES IT WAS!!!! Haha, same. XD I was really happy to see that Clint got to shine in this movie too! :)

  11. I love this post. Funny I didn't actually like Captain America at first. I felt like they were making him too perfect. I have started to like him more now. Idk like he got more character development. He's one of my favorites now. The only thing I didn't like about Endgame was that they held a funeral for Tony and not Natasha. It just seemed unfair. Nat's always been one of my favorites. And I'm glad Ant-Man had a bigger part.
    Okayyyyy, I actually kind of like Wanda and Vision together. It was a little weird considering Vision was a robot and all.....

    1. Thank you! :) Haha, I totally understand, and I thought his character development throughout the movies was awesome!
      Hmmm, that’s very true. I’d like to think they were mourning her there, too, even if they didn’t explicitly say it.
      SAME!! I was so happy to see Scott Lang shine!
      *nods* I can see that! I’m not personally a fan of it, but I definitely see why they’re likeable together.....

  12. True. I appreciate that Cap's always trying to do the right thing.
    Yeah. I'm sure everyone missed Natasha and honestly having two funerals right next to each other would make the movie too long.
    YES. Ant-Man is so underrated, which is weird 'cause he's hilarious and a good guy.
    Mmmhmm. I think some people like them together and some people don't.
    I mean, even I agree it's a little strange. Still a good couple......but a little weird.
    Also, I totally agree about how the Thor movies are underrated. They're actually really funny.

    1. *nods* definitely!
      Haha, true, the movie was already three hours long. XD The short tribute to her at the end was nice, although very short.
      I KNOW, RIGHT?? I don’t understand why he’s not focused on as much!
      *shrugs* I mean, I barely think in terms of ships when it comes to Marvel, so I don’t know. Their interactions are great - it’s just the whole Vision-is-kind-of-a-robot thing that weirds me out a bit. XD I’m excited for their TV show, though!
      Yes, definitely! (Do you like The Dark World? A lot of people seem to hate it....)


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