January 2020 Happenings // starting the year with STRESS

January 26, 2020

Happy Sunday!

So, I don't know how January usually goes for you, but my Januaries are typically full of STRESS and SCHOOL and TRYING TO DO EVERYTHING BUT FAILING and AAAAAHHHH

Sorry, did that get overly dramatic? ;)

Anyways, January 2020 wasn't much different than usual. BUT I did discover some new fandoms/music/other stuff that I'm super excited to talk about.

Hmmm, so what exactly did I do this month?

Um. Well. *struggles*

School started. It's not horrible thus far, but, you know, it's school, so yayyyyy.

But my life has been so uninteresting this month . . .

OH! I went to the March for Life this weekend and it was GREAT. Exhausting, stressful, and very emotional, but it was also a very powerful experience. And I also got to hear President Trump speak! That's the closest I've ever been to any president or candidate, so that was cool.

My Hero Academia (seasons 2-3). I got re-addicted to this show over Christmas break, and January 11th was one of the characters' birthdays!

Guys. This is seriously one of the most motivating TV shows I've ever seen. If you need a kick in the pants to get stuff done, just watch an episode. they are also extremely stress-inducing and bring on full-scale worry sessions over the characters' safety, but it's fine

Avatar: The Last Airbender (season 2). This is my third time rewatching the series, and I forgot just how heartbreaking season two is. And Azula is hands-down one of the scariest villains I have had the pleasure of witnessing - and that's saying something.

from Giphy - Sokka's saying "It's the quenchiest!" XD

Star Wars. So I spent the first day of the new year watching The Rise of Skywalker and crying. XD It's not the best Star Wars movie ever, but I found it thoroughly entertaining and a step up from some other Star Wars movies *cough cough* The Last Jedi *cough*.

Honestly the funniest part was the realization that I've created (but never written down) fanfiction dealing with a certain plot twist in the movie. And I did this about a decade ago. XD

The Hobbit. Unpopular opinion, but the Hobbit movies aren't actually trash. No, they're not perfect, and they definitely don't always go along with the book, but they're pretty entertaining and well-done. My family rewatched all three this month, and now I can't stop listening to the soundtrack.

Excuse me but KILI MY HEART

The Hobbit. Obviously.

Anime OPs. (and when I say "anime" I exclusively mean My Hero Academia XD) I've gotten really addicted to these opening songs - they're super catchy and high-energy and fun to sing in the car.

Skyrim. The perfect studying soundtrack - it's like ambient tracks, but with a fantasy twist. 20/10 recommend.

This year, I've set two "unofficial" writing goals:

- To write something creative every day, even if it's only a few words
- To write one flash fiction piece every month.

Will I undoubtedly fail at both of these goals as the year goes on? YOU BET I WILL.

But will I still give a valiant effort anyways? YOU BET I WILL.

So far, I have written something creative every day this month! I've been mainly working on re-outlining The Inhumans, which has been . . . interesting.

As for my flash fiction piece . . . yeah, that hasn't happened yet. But! January doesn't end until Friday, so I still have time! yes this is just me giving excuses, shhhh

Just in case you missed one of my posts, here are the links to all of them. XD


Meanwhile, around the blogosphere . . .

Gray started a new blog! You can find the new site HERE, and I'm very excited to see what she does with it this year!

Victoria is starting something called ScribeTunes, where she and another writer are creating playlists for writing! Her post explaining this awesome idea is right HERE.

Um, Kara's new book is coming out IN SEPTEMBER!!! *screams* There's more information HERE.

Jenna's Writer to Author series has begun, and it's been awesome so far! <3 <3

Guys. So much stuff is happening in the blogosphere that I can't possibly link to it all. This post would get wayyyyy too long. But I am LOVING all of your new content. <3

. . .

So. On to February, then.

*deep breath*

Maybe I can actually stop panicking over everything I have to do and get stuff done.


Or not.

-Nicole <3

How was your January? Did you attend the March for Life? Who's excited for the extra day we get next month? Let's talk!

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  1. Whoa! That's so awesome that you went to the March for Life!!!

    Star Wars!! I'll always have my favorites ;) but Rise of Skywalker was really good! Seeing it twice confirmed that for me.

    Have a great February! :D

    1. It was!! If you get a chance, you should go - I think you would love it! :)

      Yes, Rise of Skywalker was so good! (and wow, you saw it twice!) I have to ask, though - what did you think of the ending?

      Thanks - and you too! :)

    2. I thought that Rise of Skywalker had a good ending for the whole saga. I was pretty sure that a few things were going to happen and I was glad that I was right! ;) Eeep, the lightsaber at the end was epic! What are your thoughts on the ending?

    3. I agree 100% about the ending and the lightsaber thing! ;) Honestly, the minute I saw the two suns and Luke’s old home, I started crying because #nostalgia and #poeticjustic and all that. XD

  2. That is SOOOO cool you went to March for Life! AAAAHHHH! Go, Nicole! :D I was so thrilled Trump spoke at the rally. How epic you were THERE for that!

    Yes to all the things you said bout ATLA. I've been tempted to rewatch it myself. It's been so long. And man, I love that show so much! D': <3

    Your writing goals are BRILLIANT. I especially loooove your idea of writing a flash fiction piece a month. :O Such a fabulous idea! I may have to steal that one!

    I'm so sorry your 2020 has started out with a lot of stress. Here's hoping to a quieter February!

    1. Aaaaahhhhh, THANK YOU! And I felt the same way - it might have been the first time a President has ever spoken at the March! (I hope one day you can go because you would LOVE it.)

      You should rewatch it!!! (And then write a post about it talking about your thoughts XD)

      Thank you - and YES, DO IT! That would be so fun to do it and see how each of us do!

      Aw, thank you, Christine, and I hope you have a fantastic February! <3

  3. Sounds like you had an interesting month!
    And Sokka and the cactus juice *SMH* And Azula is SCARY fam O.O

    1. That is definitely a good way of putting it. XD
      IT'S THE QUENCHIEST ;) and she really is - I’ve never been more intimidated by a character....

  4. Do keep breathing Nicole! XD
    Hope you have a good February! I'm sure excited for the coming month. :)


    1. XD *thumbs-up* I’ll do my best!
      Thank you - and I hope your February is wonderful as well! :D

  5. I keep telling myself every year that i'm going to plan to go the March for Life but i keep forgetting..... And i had to work... But my plans for February are to keep editing my poetry collection and survive each day lol.

    Hope you have a great February!!!

    1. Aw, maybe next year! Life can get pretty crazy sometimes. . . . Good luck with surviving and editing - you’ve got this! *hugs*

      Thank you, and you too!!!

  6. Ugh, I agree with you about the sTrEsS Januaries can bring!!! :(( On the bright side, congrats on writing something creative each day! And your posts this month have been amazing. ;)

    *hugs* We totally got this, and February is going to be great! <333

    1. January Stress is awful (*cough cough* school *cough*). Aw, thank youuuuuu! There are no words. <3 <3 *hugs*

      Woo-hoo, let’s do this! I hope your February is excellent, Ash! <3333

  7. NICOLE!!! You went to the MARCH FOR LIFE!!! That's SOOOOO AWESOME!!!
    *dies from second-hand excitement*
    It must have been such an indescribable experience. <3

    1. AAAAHHHH YES IT WAS!!!!!!! *dies from your excitement* It really was - so many people coming together for the pro-life cause is incredibly powerful. <3

  8. That is SO AWESOME that you went to the March for Life! I'd really like to make it someday. :)
    And oh my goodness yes Academia makes me stress so much about the characters' safety!
    Thanks for the shoutout about my series! :D <3

    1. Yes, you should definitely go! It’s such an amazing and powerful experience. :D
      Oh my word, doesn’t it??? I had to stop watching season 2 for s time due to secondhand stress XD.
      You’re welcome - the series is amazing! :) <3

  9. January is definitely a difficult month! The excitement of Christmas is over and things are gray and blah (at least here in the midwest) and teachers decide to alleviate this blah-ness by gifting you with more assignments and tests. XD

    The March for Life was AMAZING! Funnily enough, we actually watched An Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug on the journey to and from D.C. and I was reminded of how much I love the films (I know that book purists might disagree but I like many of the things that were added to the movies). Also, the ending credit songs for the movies are so good, especially The Last Goodbye. <3

    Have a wonderful February, Nicole!

    1. Yeah, I really really wish spring would come and the sun would come out sometime. XD (Gotta love it 😉) And you’re right, assignment and tests and projects definitely Do Not Help.

      Wow, what a coincidence! XD (Haha, I’m right with you - some of the additions are really good and add to the story in such an interesting way.) The Last Goodbye is so good! <3 Billy Boyd is such an amazing singer.

      Thank you, and I hope your February is great too! :D

  10. Everyone else has pretty much already said this xD but it's so cool that you went to the March for Life! I'm sure it was amazing to be there in person.

    See, The Hobbit is a tricky situation. It's not that I didn't enjoy it at all; I did! I loved the characters (*cough*theonesthatweresupposedtobethere*cough*) and everything. I just felt like it was drawn out wayyy too much just to make three movies, and I DESPISED the romance between Tauriel and Kili. I liked them both as characters, just... not as a romantic subplot. Ehehe.

    I've actually had a really good January! I think this was perhaps the strongest one (in terms of keeping up with goals and such) I've ever had. I'm really happy with how I've started out the year. :D I hope you have a lovely February! <3


    1. It was awesome! You should go one day - your mind will be BLOWN.

      *nods* the three movies did seem a bit much, especially the last one. I enjoy the memes making fun of the "stretching one book into three movies" aspect. XD And I definitely see where you’re coming from with Tauriel and Kili - some of those scenes were downright cringey. XD I haven’t decided if I like that ship or not . . . *shrugs*

      Yay, I’m so happy to hear that, especially considering how your December went. I hope you have just as fantastic of a February! <3

  11. I will hover over you until you write your flash fiction! Virtually, of course. You can do it!!! Remember, it doesn't have to be great for it to count towards your goal. Just done.

    I hope February brings less stress to your life.

    1. Because of you, I wrote that flash fiction piece, so THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR VIRTUAL HOVERING. <333

      Thanks, Sarah, and I hope your February is amazing! :D

  12. Sounds like a great, albeit busy, January for you! So sorry for all the stress, though! That certainly happens, but it's so nice to hear you pressing forward. <3

    *FANGIRL SQUEALS* AVATAR: tLA!!!!! That's seriously one of the BEST shows ever!!!! And I've yet to see the newest Star Wars release, but I will eventually... They just---RUINED episodes 7 & 8 (imo), but I have heard episode 9 was a kind of redemption to the saga, so... *shrugs* What did you think?? Also, I totally agree with you on The Hobbit movies! They could've been better, but they are still entertaining films & YESSSSS to the music score!

    Best wishes to you on your writing goals! They seem totally attainable---YOU GOT THIS, GURL. ;D *thumbs up* Happy writing! And thanks for sharing!!

    1. Aw, thanks, Sarah! Sometimes pressing forward is all you can do.... <3

      OH MY WORD, YOU'VE SEEN AVATAR???? *SCREAMS* WE NEED TO TALK SOMETIME!!!!! Who’s your favorite character???
      I really liked The Rise of Skywalker! It was a really fitting end to the trilogy and franchise (well, at least for now XD). I was a fan of episode 7, but not episode 8, though, so I don’t know if that changes anything. But to me it felt more like a traditional Star Wars movie. (Plus Dominic Monaghan, the guy who plays Merry in LOTR, is in it, so that was a definite plus XD)

      THANK YOU! <3 <3 I hope you have a wonderful February!

    2. YESSSSS!!! I have to say Sokka is my main man. He cracks me up. xD

      Thanks for your input! I'm definitely going to see it---and wow! I didn't know Monaghan was in it! He's great! Yes, definitely a huge plus ;DDD

    3. ACK, YES, Sokka is FANTASTIC! He never fails to make me smile. <3 <3

      I didn’t know he was in it until I watched it, and I FREAKED OUT right in the middle of the theater. XD My family looked at me like I was crazy, but oh well. :D

  13. Those writing goals are amazing! I wish you the best of luck completing them.

    1. Thank you, Diamond! Have an awesome February! :D

  14. Yayyyy for fandoms!!! I've never been an anime kind of gal, but you make me want to watch some of it sometime. XD

    Ambient music for the wiiiiin. I'll have to look into Skyrim for studying! (The senioritis shall not prevail.)

    1. Fandoms are the BEST!! (Haha, anime is pretty hit-and-miss in terms of content - a loooooot of it is #yikes - but if you ever want to watch My Hero Academia, I can send you some content warnings! None of it is that bad, but there are a few annoying things. -_-)

      Ambience!!! Yessss, do it - it’s really cool! (Haha, the war continues. THIS DAY WE FIGHT.)

  15. I've been meaning to watch My Hero Academia. Hope this month is less stressful for you.

    1. DO IT - it’s equal parts Squad Interactions and Insanely Dark Villain Plots, and both seem right up your alley!
      And thanks - I hope your month is fairly stress-free too! :)

  16. Yayyy glad you had an eventful January! My Januaries are usually filled with travel and family visiting, and this last one was double on the good stuff. But then the coronavirus reached us...

    Anyway, I'm superexcited to see the blogosphere explode with fairytale loveliness this February! It will be a really... free... month, what with like half of my classes on pause because of the virus :/ Also my sister and my co-playing video games xD Buuuuut you didn't need to know that.

    Good luck on re-outlining-- it is HARD. I applaud you for giving it a second go. And wow, the March of Life (*has no idea what that is*) sounds pretty cool! Also cool how you got to hear Trump speak!

    Ciao for now ;)

    1. Still praying for you guys - hopefully you and your family avoid the virus. <3 But I’m glad your other January events went okay!

      I AM SO STOKED FOR IT. This month is going to be full of such epic blogger content and I am Ready.
      *whispers* what video games? ;)

      Thank you - I’ll need all the luck I can muster. XD (The March for Life is this huge gathering in Washington, DC, where pro-lifers peacefully protest our nation's pro-abortion laws. It’s pretty insane.) Yeah, it was!

      Goodbye, Merie . . . until our next meeting ;)


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