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March 07, 2021

Happy Sunday!

A few weeks ago, you sent me your votes about my blogoversary video. And the results are in . . .

I'm going to be reacting to your fandoms!!

low-key did not think this was going to win, so this should be interesting XD

So here's how this is going to work:

1. Comment down below and tell me your favorite (or least favorite ;) ) books, movies, TV shows, bands . . . whatever! (if you want hot takes, just list any anime show or anime in general, or YA novels XD) 

2. I'll record a video where I'll tell you (a) what I think of said book/movie/show, and (b) my impression of the community surrounding it.

This . . . is going to be a time, to be sure. XD really did not think this through, but oh well

So yeah! Make sure you comment by the end of this week, because next week I'll be recording. :) I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

-Nicole <3

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  1. YAY!!! This is totally what I voted for. *grins* It just sounds like such a fun thing to do! I loved this idea!

    OKAY. I don't know if you want like...a limit? Because, um, I could go overboard here. SO. How 'bout I just toss some at you and you can pick and choose? Seriously, don't feel like you need to do ALL of these!

    - Howl's Moving Castle (the book)
    - BBC's Sherlock
    - BBC's Merlin
    - ABC's Once Upon a Time
    - Doctor Who
    - Stranger Things
    - The Lunar Chronicles
    - Alice in Wonderland (just...all of it in general, it doesn't have to specifically be the original book)

    (I was trying to come up with some of my faves that weren't the obvious ones like LotR and Harry Potter and such! XD)

  2. Ooo I'm excited for this.

    -Ouran Highschool Host Club
    -Six of Crows
    -The Promised Neverland
    - Doctor Who
    - Stranger Things

  3. You have NO IDEA how much I'm looking forward to this video. >:D (Not just my fandoms. Everybody's. I'm actually wildly curious about your opinions.)
    A few of my favorites (trying not to go with the super obvious ones, so if you haven't heard of some of them that's totally fine :P):

    -Peter Pan
    -N. D. Wilson books
    -Queen's Thief series
    -The A-Team (like, the '80's show?)
    -Norse mythology ( a fandom, right?)
    -Robin Hood ( general)

  4. idk the limit so go ahead and pick from whatever you want haha

    ~HTTYD!!!! (including all movies and the netflix show if you've seen it)
    ~The Raven Cycle
    ~100 Days of Sunlight
    ~The Blood Race!!!!
    ~Trollhunters (the netflix show if you've seen it. if not 12/10 recommend)
    ~HOW WE RISE!!! (jkjk this one is a joke hahaha)

    okay this is awesome I hoped this one would win xD

  5. Ooh, this sounds fun!

    The Princess Bride (book and movie)
    Chronicles of Narnia (books and movies... all the movies, even the cheesy BBC versions)
    Chronicles of Prydain
    Ella Enchanted
    Queen's Thief series
    Avatar: The Last Airbender

    Least Favorites:
    Avatar (the blue aliens one)
    Divergent trilogy
    The Hunger Games trilogy

  6. oooooh this is going to be difficult to narrow down lolololol

    Percy Jackson
    The Grishaverse
    New Girl (literally its my guilty pleasure tv show lol)
    Snow White with the Red Hair
    Yona of the Dawn

    Have fun!!!

  7. ahh can't wait! :)

    - harry potter (obviously lol)
    - hunger games
    - twilight (NOT my fandom but can't wait to hear your reaction ;)
    - narnia

  8. Okay, this sounds like SO MUCH FUN, I cannot wait to see the video! Off the very top of my head, I'd have to say Stranger Things (tv show), Leigh Bardugo's Grishaverse (books), and the Mandalorian.

  9. Agh, I love this. Here are some of my top fandoms:
    -Twilight (pls be gentle🥺)
    -Lord of the Rings
    -Harry Potter
    -The Hunger Games

  10. AHH I love this idea! Here are my top fandoms:
    -Marvel (particularly Captain America/Avengers)
    -Star Wars
    -The Promised Neverland and Haikyu (anime)
    -The Out of Time series by Nadine Brandes

  11. Alberto FigueredoMarch 08, 2021 9:23 AM

    This should turn out interestingly XD for my list:
    -Jurassic Park/World
    -Terry Pratchett
    -'Classic Lit' (in terms of books and stories most peopel know in some way, Sherlock, Robin Hood, Arthur, etc)
    -Edutainment youtubers and booktubers (Hello Future Me, OSP, Daniel Greene, Murphy, etc)
    -as for least favorite, how about Lucky Star XD

  12. Well, everyone mentioned the ones I consider as a fandom for me. I don't really do fandoms. I'm going to mention them again because I need to hear your thoughts on them.
    - The Lunar Chronicles
    - Marvel
    - The Grishaverse (I am so surprise that this world became a fandom to me. But I'm getting more obsessed with it all of the time ever since I read Six of Crows.)
    - Upon Once Upon a Time (TV Show)
    Oh! I thought of one that wasn't mention! Disney!
    And that's it. I love a lot of things but not a fandom often. Can't wait for the video!

  13. YAY! I'm going to keep my list nice and short:

    - Haikyuu!! (you saw this coming a mile away)
    - The Promised Neverland
    - Ever After High
    - the Whitewashed Trilogy by Adelaide Thorne
    - the Second Age of Retha series by A.M. Sohma

  14. This looks so fun! I can't wait to see it.

    *Agents of SHIELD
    *Marvel(Guardians of the Galaxy specifically)
    *Lilo and Stitch
    *Disney World/Parks
    *Percy Jackson
    *Skyward/Brandon Sanderson in general
    *The Darkest Minds
    *The Selection

    I'm not like, super into all of these, but I'm interested to see your opinions! I have a few that I wanted to say, but someone else has already added them. :)

  15. Star Wars
    Avatar: The Last Airbender
    The Lord Of The Rings
    How To Train Your Dragon
    Fawkes by Nadine Brandes
    And Disney's Atlantis

  16. This is such a neat idea! Man, I agree with so many already listed! In addition to those I will add:
    -Julie and the Phantoms (my new favorite thing!!!)
    -Twenty one pilots (hey, you said bands, too. XD)
    -Fairy tales
    -Jane Austen
    -Period dramas of all kinds
    -All legends of Robin Hood, especially the BBC series

    One of my favorites and least favorites at the same time is Star Wars because the stories are awesome, but the fandom itself get intense. Now I'm probably forgetting something vital. Oh well... XD

  17. I thought of one more! (Sorry...XD)
    -Classic movies, especially made between 1934-1954

  18. I'm definitely too late to hop in on this, but I'm still very excited to see this video. xD


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