May 2018 Happenings

May 27, 2018

Hard to believe May’s already over, isn’t it? Well, technically there’s still almost a full week left, Nicole.

This is my first ever monthly wrap-up post, so you get to see me fumble around, not knowing what I’m doing!

It’ll be fun.

School is finished! Somehow I managed to pass all my exams (thank you, God!) For some reason I’m always torn about school ending. I want it to be over quickly, but then I can’t see my friends until August.

*thinks desperately*

What else happened this month? Besides school ending and a couple of school concerts, nothing happened, really. Weird.

Except, you know, still recovering from that Infinity War ending. (I will never be okay.) My friend sent me these texts:

*starts crying again*
Considering I had exams this month, I really didn’t do that badly on reading. Here are some of the books I read this month:

(Photos from Goodreads) 

Assassin’s Apprentice (Oathbreaker, #1): 3.5/5 - fantasy elements were confusing, but great characters and I LOVE NIC, OKAY.
A Prince Among Killers (Oathbreaker, #2): 3.5/5 - picked up the pace, but some not-appropriate mentions. Also the plot twists were great. Prepare yourself for tears.
Every Soul a Star: 4/5 - character based, so the characters were AMAZING. I’m a fantasy lover, and this was contemporary, and I loved this book.
Keeper of the Lost Cities (#1): a reread, but still as amazing as ever. Plot! Characters! Humor! Elves!

Okay, who am I kidding? I only read four books. That is disappointing.
Writing . . . where to begin?

I worked on my WIP (which is still from April NaNo!). At some point I’ll make a WIP page and you can all read about my so-far-terrible first draft!

Also, I’m doing the 100-for-100 challenge at Go Teen Writers! Apparently there are 275 people participating this time around. Wow!

Other than that . . . not much writing. :(

Here are the posts I did this month:

Heh, heh *laughs nervously*. Wow.

I did one post this month. Ouch. 

But I have high hopes for June! I’ll attempt to post every Sunday from now on.  

Meanwhile, around the blogosphere . . . .

Savannah Grace from Inspiring Writes has started a series on writing fairytale retellings, which is awesome! So far parts one and two are up on her blog, so go check them out!

AbbieIvie, and Gray Marie all came back from hiatus (yay!).  

Speaking of Abbie, she’s started a new video series called #WritersLife Wednesdays which is seriously cool!

And speaking of Ivie, the cover for her upcoming book Uprising was released. And oh. My. Gosh. It is beautiful!!!!

So, that was my May! Not much happened, but I’m grateful for that, because this summer is going to be insane.


What about you guys? How was your May?
Are you doing the 100-for-100 challenge? 

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    And Abbie's videos are super EPIC, RIGHT?

    Did you see the trailer for Worlds Beneath?? 10/10 recommend. And if you haven't seen the trailer for The Blood Race, 10/10 recommend that, too. XD

    Have an EPIC June!

    1. I haven’t seen the trailer for Worlds Beneath yet, but now I MUST CHECK IT OUT! I saw the one for The Blood Race, though, and WOW.

      You too, Ivie!

  2. Every Soul a Star is so beautiful, I'm going to have to check it out!

    I can't believe May is already ending, I blinked for one second and now it's gone!! XD

    Your friend is a cruel creature, but I must admit, I did send the friend I saw Infinity War with a picture of Tony and Peter hugging in that moment once I got home because... feels. :'(

    Congrats on finishing school!

    And same on not much writing...

    Here's to a even better June!!!

    1. Yes, Every Soul a Star is definitely worth it!

      Oh, yes. I walked out of that theater thinking, what just happened? And it didn’t hit me till I was home....

      Yup, same to you, Gray Marie!


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