About Nicole

Nicole Dust is a dark chocolate lover who likes to spend her days engrossed in stories. Her Catholic faith and love of the fantastical lead her to tell tales about other worlds, magic, and broken characters needing redemption. When she’s not writing, you can find her watching anime, listening to soundtracks, or journaling. 

. . . or at least, that’s the official version. I’m much less organized in real life, trust me. XD

But welcome! It’s so good to see you here on this little space of the Internet. <3 I’m Nicole, and on this blog you’ll find bits and pieces of . . . well, lots of things. XD Sometimes I fangirl over analyze my favorite stories; sometimes I muse on life; and very occasionally I’ll talk about my own stories. 

As for me, what is there to say? I like stories a lot (as you can probably tell). Some of my favorites include Keeper of the Lost Cities, Fullmetal Alchemist, Star Wars, and Avatar: the Last Airbender. Though fantasy is my true love, I'll read or watch nearly anything! 

My love of story has led me to pursue a degree in English and a career in writing and editing. If I'm not cranking out literary analysis papers or practicing my proofreading, I'm daydreaming about dragons or writing superhero/fantasy stories. Some of my flash fiction pieces have been published on Havok Publishing's website and anthologies, which is pretty cool! And I may or may not be writing a few novels for fun, too. ;)

I'm also a Catholic, and I’m trying to love Jesus a little bit more every day. I have a particular fondness for the ideas of metanoia and redemption. :)

Because of the aforementioned English degree, my Internet presence is spotty at best these days. But I’m so glad to see you here, and I hope we’re able to get to know each other! (After all, the best part about blogging is all you amazing people <3)

discord: hello, Zuko here#8894
instagram: @nicoledustwriter [currently on hiatus]