May 2020 Happenings // simultaneously too short and too long

May 31, 2020

Happy Sunday!

And for once, this Happenings post is ACTUALLY on the very last day of the month. Thank you, 2020, for letting the stars align this one time. XD

I feel like everything and nothing has happened this month, which leaves me very confused. BUT! I have MOTIVATION now! And people are watching Avatar: the Last Airbender which just makes me VERY HAPPY! And my chocolate supply has been replenished! Editing Nicole here: that supply did not last long XD

So maybe this month wasn’t too bad after all. ;)

The biggest news is: MY SCHOOL YEAR IS OVER. HALLELUJAH. *chucks confetti*

My procrastinating self panicked during the last few weeks because there were so many assignments and tests, but it all turned out fine. I’m pretty sure I passed all my exams, and I am officially on summer break! (Well, if you can call this summer. Right now the weather keeps fluctuating between hot and cold and I would very much like it to decide which one it will be.)

I’ve been off school for about two weeks now, and let me tell you, I haven’t felt this motivated to get stuff done in a longggggg time. I’ve even been able to wake up at five AM sometimes, which is SHOCKING.

My days have been filled with a lot of YouTube, but also a lot of cleaning. Because, for some reason, I thought it was a good idea to start cleaning out my entire room the minute school finished. So far it hasn’t been that bad, although I haven’t started the closet yet (we don’t talk about the closet).

FaceTiming a friend till midnight // sparks of inspiration // the ukulele // sending letters // getting a pair of headphones // lofi and anime music // nostalgia

Avatar: the Last Airbender. I haven’t actually watched any episodes this month. BUT. It’s now on Netflix, and two of my friends are watching it, and I’m just reliving all the good scenes and memories. :D If any of you guys are watching it, MESSAGE ME, and I will happily flail about it for hours. XD

My Hero Academia. I FINISHED SEASON FOUR. FINALLY. It officially killed me sixteen times and I need season five NOW. I already want to write a post about this TV show . . . maybe sometime this summer. :D Anyways, it still remains one of the most motivational and impactful TV shows I’ve ever watched. also I have gotten into the Villain Deku side of the fandom. someone help me

actual footage of me watching this show

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Okay. Guys. This show is so good. My life has officially been consumed by this show.

Being perfectly honest, it's VERY weird, and some episodes are a little . . . um, dark, so I'm not quite sure I can recommend it.

But. This show is one of the rare occasions where the main character is my favorite character. *mind blown* THIS NEVER HAPPENS. MAIN CHARACTERS ARE USUALLY JUST "EH" FOR ME. But Edward Elric is one of the most amazing characters ever, and the relationship he has with his brother is heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.

And I finished the last few episodes two days ago and was emotionally destroyed in every way. So I guess if you can get past episode four, you should watch it. ???? I am very conflicted okay

look, if you want content ratings, just message me XD


Sorcery of Thorns. Not gonna lie, I got MAJOR Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood vibes from this book. no, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing I will fully admit that the main reason I like this book is because of Nathaniel. He deserved more page time - I LIVED for his sass. I even reread the book just to relive some of the sassiest moments. XD

Star Wars. It was Star Wars month, so of course I had to start rewatching these movies! After rewatching the prequels, I've come to the conclusion that they really aren't as bad as everyone says they are (although Older Anakin's acting is . . . not great XD). And Rogue One is emotionally devastating as per usual. ;)

let's be honest, if Qui-Gon had actually said this it would have been EPIC

I haven't been writing as much as usual, though I have managed to write every day somehow! But I've started writing the first draft of Project Chaos, and it's going . . . okay? I'm not far along on it, but it's going decently. XD Hopefully there'll be a more interesting update soon - I guess we'll see how June goes. :)

Here are the posts I did this month:

No Post Today (sorry) --> should I really include this one?? ;)

Meanwhile, around the blogosphere . . .

Lisa has been giving us some FANTASTIC posts, but my favorite one of hers this month was her recap of this crazy writing week in which she took part.

Katie Hanna did a whole series on personality tests, including this one on how to apply them to your characters.

Sarah shared some Marvel quotes her NaNo cabin used in context to writing, which was GOLDEN. :D

And over on The Diamond Village, Ash gave some great reasons to start journaling and offered some amazing tips!


This month was a bit slower for me in terms of writing blog posts, but I promise, June is gonna be great. Also, it's summer vacation, so thank goodness for warmer weather!

I hope you all have a fantastic June, and I'll talk to you in the comments!

-Nicole <3

How was your month? Who has seen Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood?

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  1. My month was quite hectic, but good. I'm looking forward to finishing school in t-minus 19 days!
    One of my friends has been at me to watch Fullmetal Alchemist for awhile, but I haven't watched it sounds interesting but potentially problematic, so we'll see XD

    1. Woo-hoo, good luck during the last days of the school year! You’ve got this!

      Haha, I totally understand that - and if you look into it and feel like it’s problematic, I would encourage you not to watch it. It ends up being a lot darker and creepier than you think it will be. Trust your instincts. :)

  2. CONGRATS ON FINISHING THE SCHOOL YEAR!!!!!!! I know that must be a HUGE relief! :D

    I, too, am ECSTATIC Avatar: TLA is available for so many more people to watch now. FINALLY. Because THE WHOLE WORLD NEEDS TO WATCH THAT MASTERPIECE. And it's gotten me wanting to rewatch it. *grins*

    Oooh, I just recently acquired a copy of Sorcery of Thorns and hope to read it SOON. It looks fabulous! And YES to sassy fictional boys. I will take them all thank you!

    I do hope you have the most fabulous, refreshing summer, Nicole!!! <3

    1. THANK YOU, CHRISTINE!!!! And yes, it really has been a huge relief. ;)


      Ooo, yes, you should pick it up soon! Sassy fictional boys are the BEST. :D

      Aw, thank you, Christine, and I wish the same for you! <3

  3. Last time I watched the prequels they weren't as bad as I remembered, but just not up to par with the others. Nicole, all of your talking about these shows you watch has made me want to try them too. XD Once I have the power to do that, I'll give them a try. ;)

    1. Haha, I feel the same way - the original trilogy is better in a lot of ways. XD
      Aw, that’s awesome! :D

  4. It has been like that here too. Hot and than cold... ug...
    Glad your out of school now. That is always nice. Star Wars month / day has been fun. :)
    I've been writing some so I'm happy about that.
    Hope you have an awesome June!

    1. *sigh* the weather just can’t make up its mind, apparently XD
      Haha, thanks, and yesssss, all the Star Wars stuff this month was incredible :D
      Yay, I’m so glad to hear that!!!!
      Thanks - and I hope your June is awesome too!

  5. May was an okay month for me. I'm at the point of hating quarantine, so that's mostly why it was only okay. Our weather has been crazy, we had pretty much a straight week of rain, and it's finally going to be sunny for a bit. I'm on summer break, and i did well on my finals, so thats definitely a plus. :)
    Great post Nicole!

    1. Oof, I feel you on the “hating quarantine” bit - I really hope that some “normal” can come soon. YAY for doing well on finals, congratulations!!!! :D
      I hope you have a fantastic June, Isabella!!

    2. Quarantine is the absolute worst!! this week is going to be better thankfully, so that's good. Thank you so much!! congrats on being done for the year, thats the best feeling.
      You too Nicole! :)

    3. I hope things are opening up around you now! because yeah, quarantine is really getting to me. XD
      Thank you, Isabella! <3 <3

  6. EPISODE 4 OF FMA:B LITERALLY SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME!!!!!! after i finished that episode, i legit didn't watch it for 2 weeks to mentally recover.

    i have also been watching a lot of Star Wars in the last month. i've been binge watching Clone Wars and am very much in my feels about Anakin and Padme and am currently thinking about doing a post about it when i'm finished. (also i really tried to watch the prequels but the dialogue is so cringey i can't even)

    Glad you had a good month!

    1. I KNOW RIGHT????? I AM TRAUMATIZED FOR LIFE. *shudders* I’m just curious: did you end up finishing it?

      Okay, I NEED to watch the Clone Wars because I have never heard one bad thing about it. (Yesss, write that post, I would read the heck out of that.) (also, yes, the dialogue is *cough* not great. *has flashbacks to “I don’t like sand”*)

      Thanks, Lia! I hope June treats you a little lighter than May! <3

  7. I keep hearing about Full metal Alchemist Brotherhood, I need to watch it!
    Glad you had a good month!!

    1. Not gonna lie, it seems right up your alley. If you get a chance, you should try it!
      Thanks - I hope you have a wonderful June, Skye!

  8. OMW, if Qui-Gon said that, I would have stood up and cheered.

    I'm very excited to hear more about Project Chaos!! I hope it continues to go well for you.

    Thanks for the shoutout!! I really appreciate it!

    I hope June is a great month for you!!

    1. SAME, though - it would have been the best Qui-Gon line of all time. :D

      Thank you, Sarah! Your encouragement has meant the world to me. <3 <3

      And no problem!

      Thanks, and I hope June goes well for you as well!!! :)

  9. "Project Chaos" is just a cool title, IMO

    I remember being little and loving the prequels. Then I kinda disliked them. Now I'm like "you know what? in a sense, they were doomed to fail. Because the originals had been made...Anakin would have turned to the dark side no matter what...

    1. Haha, thank you ;)

      I agree with you completely - we all knew how the prequels had to end, so there wasn’t much surprise there. :( Oh well, it was a valiant effort. XD

  10. SAME. Not a drop of motivation to do anything. I took a term off college because I knew online school would not go well for me but goodness I can't get myself to do much of anything at this time. Youtube! Lol one of my favorite passtimes. I am happy you were able to get into the writing. I am hoping the same for me for this month.

    1. Oh, goodness, yes, the motivation is #gone. (It was probably a good idea to skip the online schooling bit - it was ROUGH.) Haha, YouTube is a fantastic pastime. ;)
      I hope the same for you - good luck! YOU GOT THIS!

  11. HI NICOLEEE so I feel like I should know by now, but do you mind if I ask which grade you're in? if not, I completely get it. :D I'm a rising junior in high school haha. And also ATLA!! My best friend was just raving about it and now you too? this might be a good reason to finally get Netflix. XD Have a great weekend! :D

    1. LILIAN HIIIIIIII!!!! (I’ll message you my answer - I’d rather not let my EXACT grade get out in the open, although it probably will eventually XD) Woo-hoo for rising juniors!!! (Are you prepared for STRESS?? Just kidding. Kind of. XD)
      Okay, not gonna lie, that would be a fantastic reason to get Netflix - although, admittedly, I don’t have Netflix either, so I’m not really one to talk. XD Have a great weekend! <3

  12. ahhh i started ATLA this month and i really like it so far, i can't wait to continue watching it!! also wow that's amazing about being able to wake up at 5 AM, i could never! school just got out for me last week so i'm sleeping in every single day. 😅 i've been watching a ton of YouTube lately as well, and i've been thinking of cleaning my closet but... *shudders* you're right, we just don't talk about the closet haha.

    and oh my goodness thank you so much for including my post, that means a lot!! 🥺❤ i hope you have a beautiful June, Nicole!

    1. I'm sorry you WHAT *fangirls forever* OKAY BUT I MUST KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS. AAAAAAHHHHHH
      haha, the last week it's been a struggle to get out of bed that early, soooooo *shrugs*
      The closet is an Untouchable Area that hopefully will just go away if we don't talk about it . . . XD

      <3 <3 no problem - it was super inspiring and helped me get back into journaling!
      I hope you have a fabulous June, Ash! <3 <3 <3


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