June 2018 Happenings

July 01, 2018

Was it just me, or did June both drag and go by fast? Honestly, I can’t believe I’m even writing my June wrap-up post already. But nope, it’s July 1st, and one month of summer is gone.

So, what all happened in June?

Wow. My prediction apparently came true: June turned out to be waaayyyy busier than May, despite school being out. But it was busy in a good way, at least!

For one, my family went to go see relatives down south. While we were there, we watched Solo (which was awesome) and The Matrix (also awesome, but super violent).

The How to Train Your Dragon 3 trailer came out, and oh. My. Word. Watch it now. I was literally crying from the first couple words (which were actually a reference to the books). Please tell me if you’ve seen it so I have someone to fangirl with.

Along the HTTYD lines, I began watching Dreamworks: Dragons. (What’s the difference between Dreamworks: Dragons and Dragons: Race to the Edge? I’m very confused about that.) While it’s not as good as the movies, it’s still pretty good. Thank you for recommending it, Ivie and Lisa!

(I literally just realized that my “life” section became my movies and TV show section. #noregrets)
If you remember May’s wrap-up post, I’d only read four books, which was kind of pathetic.

I’m happy to say that I did much better this month, because I read a grand total of 16 books.

But wait! There’s more!

Usually I don’t buy books because I have no money, but for some reason, this month I went and got SIX.

In case the picture doesn’t load, these are the books and my thoughts on them.

Dark Tide (WaterFire Saga, book 3): I don’t actually own the first two (whoops) but this is an interesting, mostly clean read about mermaids. Recommended (although there is a scene that takes place in a club, but nothing is described at all)

PathFinder (TodHunter Moon, book 1): If you like the Septimus Heap series, you’ll like this. If not, you might be a little confused, but it’s middle-grade, and very clean. The author is also very witty, which makes for a more interesting read.

Masterminds (Masterminds, book 1): Also a middle-grade book, also clean, and both serious and funny at the same time. Gordon Korman is a writing genius.

Heartless: MILD SPOILERS! Honestly, I don’t even know why I keep breaking my heart over and over again, but I reread this. Read if you like being devastated at the end. (In all honesty, it is a good book, but the ending isn’t exactly happy.)

The Blood Race (The Blood Race, book 1): Okay, I haven’t actually read this yet. But I plan to in July, since I’m going to be in the car a lot and have hopefully undisturbed reading time. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone (illustrated edition): I actually got this for free at a book club. The illustrations are GORGEOUS! Highly recommended.

*wipes brow* Okay, that was a lot of books. Sorry for the torture. I hope you got something useful out of it.
Still participating in the 100-4-100 challenge! I’ve tried to start writing 200 words instead of 100 every day, just so I can get more writing done.

Other than that, it’s been mostly Camp NaNo prep. I’ve decided to go with a kind-of-large goal of 20,000 words. It probably won’t happen, but I’ll do my best!

I’m really excited about my new idea. I’ll probably write a post about it next week, since I’m still figuring out the details.

Oh, yeah, and remember when I said I was going to put up a WIP page on my blog?

Yeah . . . still hasn’t happened. But I WILL put it up. Eventually!

And one other thing.


Literally, though, I am so excited. It took me two months to write 30,000 words, for some reason, but it is DONE and . . . now I need to completely rewrite it because it doesn’t make any sense. But anyways.
Here are my posts from June:

And I just realized that I posted every Sunday for a month! *pumps fist*

Now, around the blogosphere…

Lisa @ Inkwell celebrated her blogoversary and is hosting a micro fiction contest! Go check it out if you haven’t already!

Gray Marie @ Writing is Life published her 100th blog post! (That is honestly inspiring and amazing.)

Abbie @ Abbiee created a video about why we should write good role models in our stories, which is now my all-time favorite video ever.

And last but not least, Ivie has opened sign-ups for her book’s blog tour on her author website!

As for this month, I’m hoping to do a post on The Blood Race and my thoughts (once I read it, that is), and then another post about my Camp NaNo novel. Other than that, we’ll see!

What did you guys do in June? Have you seen the HTTYD 3 trailer yet? Are you participating in Camp NaNo? Talk with me!

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    RTTE is probably a bit more exciting to watch if you're a teen/young adult. It has some darker themes to it, though not inappropriate for a younger viewer, it can keep up with the needs of teens, who like more action and darkness. RTTE is newer and only on Netflix. Dreamworks Dragons was when they did two seasons on cartoon network. Both are epic to watch, though, and 10/10 recommend. :D

    THE BLOOD RACE!!!! YASSSS!!! I look forward to that post! <3


      Thank you for the explanation! I’ll probably start with Dreamworks: Dragons, and then go to RTTE.

      Thanks, Ivie! I look forward to reviewing it!

  2. I'm glad you had a good month!

    Heartless and The Blood Race, YAS!!!! And you can NEVER buy too many books. :P

    1. Thanks, I’m glad your month went well too!

      That is true . . . except when you run out of money and keep buying them. Thankfully, that hasn’t happened to me . . . YET. ;)

      Thanks for reading, Gray Marie!

  3. Congratulations on finishing your draft! Sounds like you had a great month!


    1. Thanks! And yes, I’d say I did. I hope you have a great rest of July!


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