September 2018 Happenings // 2 New Fandoms + 1 New Story Idea

September 30, 2018

Okay - how the heck is it already the end of September?? THE YEAR’S ALMOST OVER AND I AM NOT READY.

Also NaNo is in a month and I barely know what the plot of my novel is. This is going to go well.....

But enough complaining! Let’s take a look over September and see how it went....

Obviously, school kicked into full swing this month. I’m actually starting to get used to the homework load now, which is nice!

In other news, my wisdom teeth got taken out (but you already heard me complaining about that, so I’ll just stop now), and MY NEIGHBOR’S HOUSE CAUGHT ON FIRE. They live down the street from us, and a lightning bolt hit them. It was really scary. Please pray for them.

Other than this . . . September was all school!
Miraculous Ladybug. You guys. My friend introduced me to this series and I AM HOOKED. And while I think the main character is just a LITTLE too obsessed with her crush, it is also one of the most shippable couples I’ve ever seen! 4/5 (because let’s face it, some Season 2 episodes are weeeeird.)

But hey, Miraculous gave me a new story idea, so I’m happy!

Pirates of the Caribbean. Our band has played the themes from this for literally YEARS, and yet I’d never seen the first movie, or any other, before now! I . . . actually didn’t really like Jack Sparrow - but I loved Will Turner! 4/5

Aaaaaaannnddd, I also got a story idea from Pirates. Go figure. :)

Lord of the Rings. I think you already know my feelings about this, so I’ll spare you for now. There may come a day when I decide not to mention Lord of the Rings any more. BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY. ;)
Ha ha ha.

Did I write much?

Heck no.

School is really taking a chunk out of life right now. But - I DID start outlining my NaNo novel! (Don’t worry, you WILL hear about that at some point - I promise!)

Also, I learned just two days ago that an essay of mine that I had submitted for a contest had been published in our local Catholic newspaper!!!! (Let’s not mind the fact that I wrote it a year ago......)
Here are the posts I wrote this month:

Am I Being Authentic?
This Is a Serious One
7 Reasons Why You Should Read the Amulet Series

Elsewhere in the blogosphere:

The always-on-point Abbiee did a YouTube series on creating relatable and unique characters! You can find her videos here.

Go Teen Writers moved to an awesome self-hosted website!

Allison did a post on why she loves Harry Potter which features some of her amazing calligraphy!

And MiddleEarthMusician posted her vlog for her blogoversary! Congratulations!


Well, guys, the year is almost done! School's getting busier, of course, and clubs and such are getting into full swing.

If you notice that I miss a post this month, don’t worry - I’m not dead! But I miiiiiiiight have to cut down my posting schedule a little. We'll see how next week goes.

See you around, my friends!


How was your September? Anyone seen Pirates or Miraculous? Any new plot bunnies? Let’s talk!

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  1. Hey, darling! Seems like you had a lovely September <3 I know school can be a lot sometimes, but trust me it's a blessing. :) Wishing you a happy month <3
    Khadija | October's Lallu

    1. Haha, yeah, I know it’ll be worth it! I just have to charge through! Thanks, Khadija!

      Hope you have a great October as well! <3

  2. Good luck with NaNo! I haven't decided whether I'll be participating or not yet.

    I've seen both Pirates and Miraculous, and enjoyed both of them. :) (And totally agree with the season two episodes getting a little odd.)

    1. Thanks! And yeah, I’m still a little hesitant about if I’ll have enough time to write 50,000 words.

      I know, right? I got some weird vibes off the one where the robot was was just strange.

      Have a great October!

  3. School is taking out a chuck out of my life too! Haha but it's for the best? I enjoyed reading this post! also... HOW WAS I NOT FOLLOWING YOUR BLOG TILL NOW? Haha, but I gotcha now. Enjoy the next month!
    \Simply Me

    1. Yeah, it’s hard to see that it’s for the best..........hopefully it is, though!

      Oh! XD I think you were, but then you unfollowed when you were clearing out some other blogs.......welcome back! And have a great October!

  4. Have a good time with NaNo! ^-^

    alsoooo you like Pirates of the Caribbean and LotR too?? (and I don't like Jack Sparrow either! He's so obnoxious to me.)

    1. Thanks! Are you doing it this year?

      And I know, right? Everyone thinks Jack Sparrow is amazing, but I’m like.........he’s okay??? Will Turner was the character I rooted for....

  5. Can totally relate to the school part... aargh!!
    THANKFULLY here in NZ we're off school for 2 weeks!!!!! Yay!!!

    1. Wow! Any particular reason? That’s nice!

      Thanks for reading, Danielle!

    2. Oh, it's normal!! I'll try and explain our school system here in NZ:

      At the beginning of the year, in February, we start Term 1. In April we have 2 weeks holiday then begin Term 2. In July we have 2 weeks holiday and then begin Term 3. In September-October, we have 2 weeks holiday, then begin Term 4. In December, we have holidays (SUMMER holidays!!) until February, when we start the whole school year all over again. Does that make sense?!

    3. Sorry, I’m still just stuck on summer December holidays! (Not used to thinking of summer in December.....XD) I almost like that system better than the US school system! It’s like you get more breaks in between school sessions.....

  6. I feel you about school stealing a lot of time. xP I'm entering my final ever lot of exams for high school and they are INTENSE. I feel like I have to claw writing time out of my day. :P I hope you're able to find some time to write, and have a great October! :)

    1. Oh, boy, good luck with your last exams! Praying for you. <3 Hope you have a great Octover as well!

  7. Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings for life, yo!

    I hope school eases up on you this month!!

  8. Aw, love this post! And thank you for linking to my post! <3 <3

    Ahh, Pirates of the Caribbean! I actually....really liked Jack Sparrow, xD. I don't like Johnny Depp, but he played the character so well. Tho Will Turner and Elizabeth are amazing ;).

    Good luck with NaNo! I was going to do it this year...but bc of senior year and other stuff, I decided not to. Maybe next year. ;)

    <3 <3

    1. Thanks, Allison! And sure! It was a great post!

      Haha, yeah, Jack Sparrow was played well! He kind of grew on me in the second movie....but i don’t know, I just rooted for Will more than him. XD

      Thanks! Understandable, I don’t know how I’m going to hit that word count goal.. :) <3

  9. The PotC theme is kind of my theme song, lol. I’ve only ever seen the first movie though, and I didn’t really like it.

    But seriously. LOTR. Forever.

    1. That theme is great, isn’t it? And yes, LOTR for life!!! <3

  10. LOTR is amazing! My favorite movies! :D I also do like PotC because Pirates are my favorite genre (yes they are a genre :P ) and I really like Jack Sparrow. :D He's so funny and weird. I never liked a Elizabeth though. And I didn't really like Will in the later ones. :D

    1. Yay, LOTR!! And yeah, Jack Sparrow is definitely a character! :) I wasn’t a huge fan of Elizabeth either (although I still ship her and Will XD). I haven’t seen the later movies yet (unless you count the first half of the second movie)......but now I kind of want to know why you weren’t a fan of Will. :D


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