October 2018 Happenings // Travel, Preptober, and More Teeth Issues

October 28, 2018




*existensial crisis*

But, before we go diving into all the NaNo craziness, let’s take a look at the craziness of October....

Wow. October has been INSANELY busy. This has been, by far, the busiest month of the year.

I went on my first ever college visit. I AM NOT READY YET. But the college was actually really nice - and the town had a book store. So I bought more books. XD

My family had their annual reunion in the middle of a cow pasture. (That sounds really weird when I read that.) But it was fun! And extremely cold - but that’s why we built a fire.

I went to go see my cousin's school play!

Yesterday I took the ACT. *screaming*

Also, remember back in my last wrap-up post when I said I got my wisdom teeth taken out?

I genuinely thought that my tooth problems would be over.


So, while we were visiting the college, it turned out that the right side of my mouth got infected. *facepalm* I have no idea how, or why, but it happened. So I had to go on meds for another week.

And then I had to have ANOTHER oral surgery to take out these two little gum flaps that were covering parts of two of my teeth.

It gets worse.

When I finished the second surgery, the surgeon told me, "Oh, yeah, you can pretty much eat whatever you want." So I went home and ate - literally everything over the weekend.

Fast-forward to Tuesday morning. I woke up, and the right side of my mouth hurt and was swollen.

Guess what. It got infected. AGAIN.

And guess why?

Well, when the surgeon was trying to figure out why, he saw a LOT of food back there.

Hmmm... maybe I’ll just avoid solid foods for a while.

BUT, it’s on the way to recovery again, So, HOPEFULLY this is all done and I won’t have to worry about my teeth anymore. #famouslastwords

(I apologize for that. I needed to rant.)  

Out of Time series. If you haven’t read this series yet, YOU NEED TO. I’ve read the first and second (because my library only has those two) and they are so inspiring. <3

Lord of the Rings. My family just finished watching the three Hobbit movies. I cried, to say the least. And I’m FINALLY finishing up The Two Towers book (it's been taking me forever, for some weird reason).

Amulet. You guys - I READ SUPERNOVA!!!!! (I think I was the first in the library to check it out. That’s a great feeling.) You can read my short review on Goodreads HERE, but in case you don’t want to, here’s the condensed version: I liked it, but it needed more Trellis.

So, not much actual writing happened in October, but I DID plan my novel for NaNoWriMo! It’s confusing (I virtually did no worldbuilding - it’s going to be great), but I love my main characters and plot. *sighs happily*

I’ve also been scheduling the posts for Julian's 5-Part Shared WIP Tag! But I’ll talk about that more below.

Here are the posts I wrote this month:

And, around the blogosphere.....

Ivie did an AMAZING inspirational writing series that you NEED to read. (Check out parts ONE, TWO, THREE, and FOUR.)

Gray Marie also did a short series on writing spooky stories that’s perfect for Halloween! (Here are the links to part ONE and TWO.)

And I know this happened in September, but both Nora and Lacy started new blogs, so definitely go check them out!

So, as I mentioned above, I am participating in Julian's Shared WIP Tag! This takes place during NaNo, and will cover things like main characters, villains, and other things in my NaNo novel. So, my posting schedule will switch to Fridays instead of Sundays. 

Along with that, I will not post on the first Sunday of December, just so I have a chance to relax after the busy month. 

Also, during November, I will be on Goodreads and Blogger very infrequently. I may not respond to comments immediately, and I may not comment on some of your posts. This is just so that I dedicate more time to writing.

Honestly, I’ve never, in my entire LIFE, written 50,000 words in a manuscript before. The odds that I do so in November are pretty slim. But I’ll try for it!

My goal right now is just to write until I reach 50,000 words or until I finish the first draft. I’m hoping that it’s a reasonable goal. 

So, just to recap, posts on Fridays through November, no post the first Sunday of December, and my social media use will be infrequent. 


October’s almost over, guys. Treasure these last few days of peace and calm, because after that - 



Are you doing NaNo this year? What’s your WIP about? If you’re not doing it, are you doing anything special in November? Let’s talk!

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  1. TEETH ISSUES THOUGH. GIRL, I RELATE. (Like... I don't want to go into too much details but I've literally had those exact same problems)

    The more I think about NaNo the more insane it is. I mean, that's [a lot] more than 1K words a day! I'm glad I'm not a writer- though sometimes I wish I could actually write coherently. xD


    1. UGH. THEY'RE THE WORST. (And yikes. I’m glad they’re past, though!)

      I’m trying not to think about NaNo that much. It IS insane! (And now we know the true reason why many writers are crazy.... XD)

  2. love this post, Nicole! oooh, I'm so sorry about your teeth issues, that sounds awful! Hopefully everything will heal this time <3 <3.

    Good luck on NaNo! <3 I'm working on a WIP, but due to school + college apps, I won't be able to do NaNo. Maybe next year, xD.


    1. Thanks, Allison! Thankfully, as I write this post almost everything is healed, thank goodness. Maybe, MAYBE, this will be the end.

      Ooo, yeah, that would make NaNo really hard to manage! Good luck with your current WIP, though!

  3. Awww, that’s awful that all those teeth issues happened. DX I can imagine how frustrating and painful that must be. I hope everything’s better now!
    Ahahahaha, ACT time? I can relate. It's sad. 😂 I’m taking it for the last time in December because somehow my test scores from June got lost in the mail. I mean seriously, people! How does that happen? But hey, once you get it done a few times you never have to do it again.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Good luck on NaNo! I don’t think I’m doing it this year, but if I suddenly decide to, I have a few project ideas. :P I think you’ll do amazing! All you have to do is stay on track, and you’ll be good. 👍🏼

    1. Thankfully, everything’s feeling a lot better, but for a while there it seemed to be neverending! XD

      How did they lose your test scores in the mail? Come on, ACT, get your act together! *shakes head*

      Thanks for the advice, Nicole! 😄

  4. ICK! I'm so sorry about your tooth problems!! I've had an oral surgery before (although it was for an impacted molar) and I know how unpleasant it is. :/ I hope it gets better soon. <3

    Best of luck on nano!

    1. Thank you, Gray! It is a lot better now, thank goodness!

      Thanks! Are you doing it this year?

  5. Oh, no! I hope your mouth problems get cleared up soon! :/

    Eeeeek, I'm so excited to read all the WIP tag posts!! I'm not doing NaNo and am not doing the WIP Special, but I've done two of Julian's WIP Specials in the past and I LOVE reading everyone's answers to the questions! It's gonna be EPIC. :D

    1. Aw, thanks, Lila! Fortunately I think this is the end of them. I hope. 🤞

      So am I!!! It’s so cool to see what everyone's stories are about! I agree!

      Thank you for reading! :)

  6. I had my wisdom teeth pulled out last month (and had braces for 3 years) so I can kinda feel your pain. Kinda. Honestly, now that my wisdom teeth are gone, it's like my mouth has new places to hide food and it's awful...

    But I can't wait for NaNo...and the WIP Tag!!!!

    1. Ouch. Literally, ouch. And ugh, same, I feel like there's constantly food in my mouth. -_-

      SAME!!! This November is going to be awesome!!

  7. Okay--I've never had oral surgery before, (I will sometime though--darn wisdom teeth) but it sounds pretty awful. I hope you feel better soon!

    1. Oh, boy, good luck! With any luck, you won’t have to have the same experience that I had! (And thank you - I’m pretty much feeling back to normal now. :) )


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