A Tribute to Mom and Dad

June 16, 2019

Happy Sunday - and happy Father's Day!

Before we get started with the actual post, I just want to apologize for not replying to the previous post’s comments yet and for being absent in the blogosphere a lot more than usual. This week turned out to be busier than I expected, and I’m actually writing this post last-minute because of that. I’m hoping that next week will calm down a little, but if you don’t see me on your blogs - I promise, I’m reading them!


So, as I mentioned earlier, this Sunday is Father’s Day. I didn’t really do anything special for Mother’s Day, so I decided to just put both parents into one post. ;)

My dad probably won’t read this, but my mom definitely will. XD And to anyone else reading this - sorry, it’s kind of random. It was pretty much a brain dump.

(Also, apologies for no image. I didn’t have time to make one.)

Dear Mom and Dad (and to any other parents reading this post),

Thank you for everything.

We don’t say that enough. I’ll try to do better.

Thanks for everything you do for us.

Thanks for driving us to all our extracurricular activities.

Thanks for letting us eat in front of the TV some nights.

Thanks for putting up with our incessant whining when small things don’t go our way.

Thanks for buying us donuts after Mass (and for letting me get those dark chocolate Oreos one time).

Thanks for working hard to keep our family financially stable and well-off.

Thanks for listening to us when we have bad days (or having the patience to wait until we told you what was wrong).

Thanks for staying up late when we were puking.

Thanks for lending us your bedrooms when we had bad dreams.

Thanks for all the hugs, kisses, and hand-squeezes.

Thanks for every piece of encouragement (and, yes, even constructive criticism).

Thanks for reading my (albeit horrible) first books and lying that they were good. (They were first books, though - what did you expect?)

Thanks for reading my current stories and giving me your honest opinion of them.

Thanks for being here.

Thanks for supporting us.

Thanks for your faith, your strength of will, your determination.

Thanks for your wise words, your educated guesses, your book recommendations.

And thanks for YOU.

I love you.


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  1. Sweet! Parents are awesome!


  2. Hey Nicole! I recently found your blog and really like your blogging style as well as your content <3 <3

    This post is really sweet and I'm sure your parents will love it! :D

    (Oh, and I don't want to nag you, but I recently started a blog at ashronnel.blogspot.com and would love if you could check it out when you get a chance!)

    1. Hi, Ash! Nice to meet you!

      Aw, thank you so much! (My mom really liked it, and my dad . . . hasn’t read it yet. XD)

      (Oh my goodness, welcome to the blogosphere! I’ll definitely check your blog out!)

  3. This is the sweetest thing. The whole listen to us whine when little things don't go our way? Yep... I'm 21 and my mother still has the patience and kindness to listen to me whine and complain about dumb stuff. I can't thank her enough for putting up with my rants and (ocassional;)) moodiness. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have her here to talk to and give good advice.

    1. Aw, your mom sounds really nice! <3 It’s amazing how much patience our parents have.


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