The Post of Random Thoughts // because why pick one topic when you can pick them all??

February 23, 2020

Happy Sunday!

So I've been staring at this laptop screen for about two hours now, trying to figure out what to write. None of the blog post ideas I have seem right for today, and I'm just left with a blank screen and a tired mind and no legitimate ideas.

The laptop battery is draining fast. Hypothetically, that should spur me on to figuring out this post. But instead it doesn't give any motivation.

You know what? Today will be a Random Post, where I just spew all my ramblings and thoughts down onto a blog document. Let's go.

You know that harmony in "Carrying the Banner" (from Newsies) when they go, "Cause it's two for a penny, if I take too many Weasel just makes me eat 'em after"? Because that gives me chills every time I listen to it.

On that note I watched Newsies the movie in my Journalism class and we NEVER FINISHED IT. We were five minutes away from the credits. *tears*

Some days I feel like mimicking Spotify ads in a very sarcastic tone, and other days I feel like criticizing them. Honestly, I wonder how people thought some of these ads were a good idea.

And then there are the ads that are like, "Life's better when there's nothing stopping you," and I just have to roll my eyes because NOPE.

flowers // santa fe // oh look it's already 10 pm // hugs // too much chocolate // words are not cooperating // plus ultra
 -my current aesthetic

So apparently not everyone has a running mental commentary??? I forget where I saw that - maybe Instagram, I don't know, but I guess some people think in full sentences (aka me), and others don't. For me, my mind is like a radio that's tuned in to a talk show and a Broadway Hits station at the same time.

For those of you who don't think in sentences . . . what is it like? I genuinely cannot imagine it. But it's so cool that everyone thinks differently.

100 Days of Sunlight is hands-down the best contemporary novel I have ever read. 10/10 recommend.

and EXCUSE ME WE'RE GETTING SOME KEEFE POV IN THE SPECIAL KEEPER BOOK THIS YEAR??? *screaming* That makes up for the fact that book 9 won't come out this year! Which does make me sad, but I trust Shannon Messenger's judgment. :D

Is it wrong to not cry at a funeral?
Is it wrong to smile and laugh at a visitation?
Is it wrong to not know what to say when people are sad?
Is it wrong to feel happy when others feel the opposite? 

Commenting back on my posts has been really hard lately. I don't really have an explanation as to why, but every time I think of commenting back, my mind just crashes.

So if I accidentally don't end up responding to the previous weeks' comments, I do sincerely apologize. I read every single one of them and smile. <3 But starting this week, I WILL be responding to comments as soon as I see them.

And I almost forgot, but my second blogoversary is next month! I've been having trouble deciding what to do for it. I know I want to make another video, but the contents of that video are a mystery.

What do you guys want to see? I came up with some options, and there should be a Google Form below for you guys to vote. I'll announce the results next week!

(and here's the link, in case the embedding didn't work XD)


*deep breath* Okay, that's enough randomness for one week.

I guess I'll see you in the comment section this time! XD And next week will be February's wrap-up (although it might be quick, seeing as this was kind of a wrap-up in itself...).

And ha, I finished this post before the laptop died. *pumps fist*

-Nicole <3, thinking up questions for this post is hard. But let's talk anyways! Do you have any random thoughts you want to spew to someone? I'm all ears! :D

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  1. I actually really loved this post!!! It was like a delightful Nicole aesthetic braindump, and totally fantastic!

    I have a running commentary going in my head 24/7 toooo!!! It's SUCH a foreign concept to me that some people don't. Like, not everyone literally commentates their life inside their head at all times? CRAZINESS. (Or maybe we're crazy. *cough, cough*)

    1. Aw, thank you, Christine! <3 <3

      Aaahhh, you too? That’s awesome! And I completely agree - I can’t imagine life without a running commentary XD. (. . . you know, *cough* maybe that is the case)

  2. SPOTIFY ADS ARE SUPER ANNOYING THOUGH. I gave up on Spotify until I decide to take the leap and actually pay for it. xD

    DUDE I THINK IN SENTENCES TOO! I thought I was the only one. :o I remember my brother one time saying something about how no one thinks in complete sentences and I was like "... I do." xD *fist bump*


    1. SPOTIFY ADS ARE THE WORST. -_- Ooo, getting premium was a good idea! XD

      WOO-HOO, THAT'S AWESOME! *fist-bump* Wow, your brother doesn’t? That’s really cool!


  3. Ahhh! I'm SO excited for your blogiversary!! I would love to see you read + react to your old writing, but honestly all of the ideas you had sound so fun. Also, I totally agree with you about how annoying Spotify ads can be. XD Your current aesthetic is beautiful, and don't worry about commenting back! I honestly have been doing the same thing.

    This post was LOVELY, it felt just like sitting down at Starbucks and drinking coffee (or tea) (or water hehe) while you chat with us. I'd love to see more posts like this! <333

    1. Aw, thank you! Your excitement is just making me more excited! :D (Haha, I kind of want that one to win, but I also don’t because then I’ll be exposing my horrible writing. XD) They are SO annoying! XD Aw, thank you - and I totally get not commenting back! Sometimes life can just get too crazy.

      Wow, I wasn’t expecting this post to go over so well, so thank you! <3 <3 <3


    Ooh so some people think in sentences and some people think in...what do they think in, then? I'd never have even thought to wonder about that. ^.^ I have no idea if I think in sentences or not, because...sometimes I try to say what I've been thinking and I can't put it into words? So maybe not? I do know bits of songs are always going in my head, switching up as I see something that reminds me of a new one... I really don't know about the sentences, though. That's interesting.

    I like this post a lot. The random thought dump is fun and chaotic and aesthetic. And oh, congrats on your blogoversary!!! :D

    1. AGH, HOW IS IT SO GOOD. I agree completely with you on the Newsies soundtrack - practically every single song is AMAZING.

      🤷‍♀️ I don’t know - maybe images???? Haha, that’s true - maybe we forget exact wordings when trying to explain things! And I’m the same way with songs.
      . . . Maybe we all think in a combination of words, songs, feelings, or whatever else there is. Hmmm.

      Aw, thank you so much - I’m glad you enjoyed it! :D

  5. Cool, Nicole!!! (I really enjoyed this post!!)
    Also - SPOTIFY ads!! Just, why?!?!? Mmmhmmm. I love to sarcastically repeat ads and things like that! xD

    1. Thank you, Danielle!!!!!
      Ugh, they’re so annoying! XD And I’m glad I’m not the only one! ;)

  6. I literally loved this type of post!! I related so hard to you not being able to pick a topic. Spotify ads are HORRIBLE. In January, (before i got a trial of premium) I could pretty much recite them all.

    My sister told me about the running commentary thing, like what even?? People DON'T have that?? That's actually insane.

    I loved this Nicole! :)<3

    1. Thank you, Isabella! :) (XD picking topics is SO HARD.) Getting that trial was a good move - I feel like I lose a little of my dignity every time I realize I know the ads by heart. XD

      It’s really hard for me to imagine! I want to see if anyone I know doesn’t have a running commentary and then just DRILL them on it. ;)

      Thank YOU for reading! <3 <3

  7. I've only seen a live performance at a local theater of Newsies but I want to see the movie because of Christian Bale... ;) Oh, I love all of it so much!!!

    Anyway, now that I have that out of my system, I really liked this post! It's good to be random every once in a while. :D

    *blinks* Wow, I've never thought about how other people think. I don't even know how I think. I do know that I have a bad habit of saying things out loud when I was positive that it was just in my head. Oops. *facepalm*

    Btw, I'm finally reading Keeper of the Lost Cities! I first heard about it on your blog so I'm super excited!

    1. You saw a live performance??? *is jealous* That must have been awesome! But yesss, Christian Bale in Newsies is GREAT - and he can actually kind of sing! :D

      Haha, thank you! :)

      Oof, I feel that. It’s so easy to accidentally say things that were thinking.


  8. I am a human who loves randomness so... I enjoyed this 😁

  9. I didn't actually know that some people don't think in full sentences until I saw that post on Pinterest. And I was like "HOW?"

    Also, *hugs*. It's totally all right to not cry at funerals. In fact, it is quite all right to be happy. We all heal from grief at different speeds and in different ways. So long as you're not being offensive to those who are still sad, go ahead and be joyful.

    1. I reacted the exact same way! It’s so weird to think other people's thoughts work differently, although I’m sure they think the same of us! XD

      *hugs back* <3 <3 Thank you, Sarah. For everything.

  10. I was just having a long, deep conversation with some friends the other day about how people think differently! I don't think in sentences, believe it or not. I think using a crazed jumble of mental images and emotions, and very rarely do those images and emotions formulate themselves into actual words running through my head. It's... hard to describe. XD

    Wonderful post!! I love this little brain-dump of thoughts. <3 SO EXCITED FOR ANOTHER NICOLE VIDEO EEK.

    1. Haha, wow, that’s such a coincidence!
      Wait, seriously??? Okay, that’s SO COOL. We have got to discuss this sometime because that’s so interesting! XD

      Aw, thank you, Lila! <3 AAAAHHHH YAY! (also will we ever get a Lila video?? ;) )

  11. UHH i think i forgot to comment when i first read this a while back

    1. Haha, I feel that, but THANK YOU ISABEL :D :D

  12. All your posts are awesome Nicole, looking forward to reading more!

  13. Random is awesome! My brain is like a radio too.

    1. Haha, random is amazing! And that’s so cool, Rakayle! *high-fives*

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  15. Girl, you and I are both in the same scatter brained boat right now. I love this post! And I love Newsies.


    1. Yessss, Newsies is amazing! And oh boy, you’re feeling the same way? XD

  16. I love these kinds of posts. They always seem so authentic. I think in lyrics, images, and random words I guess. It's chaotic. XD

    1. Aw, thank you! I was worried it wouldn’t seem authentic, so that’s super comforting to hear. <3
      Wow, that sounds so cool! That’s really interesting - although I can somewhat imagine the chaos that unfolds. XD ;)


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