Shared WIP Tag (Goals): Week 1

April 05, 2019

Happy Friday!

So, I don’t know if you’ve heard this or not, but there’s a little something that’s going on right now called “Camp NaNoWriMo.” And obviously, because I need more things to cram into my already-busy life, I’m participating. XD

Just like with last NaNo, I’m teaming up with some other excellent bloggers (who will be linked below) to bring you the Shared WIP Tag: Goals Edition!

This is going to be fun!

The topic for today is our Camp NaNo project. Or, in my case, projects . . .

What WIP(s) are you working on this Camp NaNo?
This April, I’m working on finishing the first draft of the Silver Sword (because guess who’s procrastinating. XD)

But I’m also writing the first draft for The Inhumans #2 and rewriting/editing The Inhumans #1.

Do I have too much on my plate? Yeah, probably. But I’m just going to work on whichever one I feel like for each day.

So far, I’ve just worked on The Inhumans #1 and #2. We’ll see if I ever hit The Silver Sword. . . .

What goal did you set for it, and why did you choose that goal?  
Since I’m working on three projects at the same time, I set a goal to write for 1,500 minutes - which, if you do the math, is only 50 minutes a day. (Thank you, Camp NaNo website, for doing the math for me. XD)

Lately, I’m noticing that I’m measuring all my progress based on word-count, and this Camp, I’m trying to change that.

Can you give us a short synopsis of the WIP(s)?
Um. *cough* So, there’s three of them. . . .

So I’ll just give you a tentative elevator pitch for all of them!

The Inhumans #1: A boy and his cousin set out to find the person who tried to kill him, and stumble upon an underground society bent on stopping superpowered terrorists.

(Yes, it’s bad. I just came up with it now.)

The Inhumans #2: As Ben works to help a newly freed prisoner adjust to life outside, Shannon realizes that something eerie is happening back home.

The Silver Sword: Four kids, two nobles and two peasants, fight for the same object: the protection of a kingdom.

How long have you been working on this/these WIP(s)?
I’ve been working on The Inhumans for exactly a year now. I started the Silver Sword last November. But both ideas have been brewing in my head for at least a year before I actually put fingers to keyboard.

Where did the idea(s) come from?
The Inhumans: long story short, I watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and wanted to make a character like Draco, but nicer.

The Silver Sword: I wanted to put a twist on the “girl is matched to prince, but doesn’t want to be a princess” trope. I also was wandering an indoor garden and saw a creepy door in the middle of it, and I wanted to know where that led.

Do you think you’ll be able to meet your goal? Why or why not? 
I hope I’ll be able to make it! If school doesn’t get in the way . . .

Did you make any goals for March (Camp Prep)? Were you able to fulfill those?
Hahahahaha, NOPE. I always wing it during Camp. XD

Are there any aesthetics/music you’d like to share? Any goals regarding these artistic endeavors?
Um. As for goals for them . . . No, not really.

But I DO want to share one thing! I recently discovered a picture that perfectly encapsulates Askari’s personality! (In case you’re wondering, Askari is the character from The Inhumans that’s the nicer Draco. XD)

(Yes, it’s Avidan from the Silver Eye. Shhhhh)

Share a snippet from your WIP(s).
Um. Well. *gulps*

I’ll share a short snippet from each one. Don’t worry, spoilers will be limited.

The Inhumans #1: (Ben's POV)  

“Hello, Shannon,” Ben said as he plopped his bag down in the car and took a seat - and immediately jumped off again. He had forgotten that leather burned in the summer.
No response.
“Hello? Shannon?”
She glanced up and took out an earbud. “Oh. Hey, Ben. When’d you get in here?”
“About ten seconds ago.”
“Oh.” Her eyes roved up and down Ben’s body and focused just below his eyes. “Watch your seat. It’s been sitting in the sun.”
Ben bit back a sarcastic reply and said, “Duly noted.”

The Inhumans #2 (Prologue)

The thumps of his bare feet against the marble floor of the base vibrated in his ears. [Name Redacted] had often talked of this walk - the Walk to the Future.
    But what future? Would it be a future of death? Or a future of life, as [name redacted] promised?
    He hoped it would be the latter.

(Hehe, and no, I won’t tell you whose POV that’s from. But I’m very proud of the way the prologue turned out.)

The Silver Sword: 

"Stop worrying, Erin,"
“Worrying? I never worry. I stress and agonize.” She smirked. “Learned that word yesterday.”

What’s a Bible verse that sums up the theme in your WIP(s) or else helps you focus as you tackle what projects you’ve made for your goal?
Bible verse? Um. Not really??? I’ve never thought about having a Bible verse for it.

As for a focus, I kind of have a theme that I zoom in on for each book:

The Inhumans #1: letting go
The Inhumans #2: adjusting to change
The Silver Sword: prejudice and opening up



That was a lot of questions! XD

A few other awesome bloggers are participating in the tag. Here are their links:


See you guys next week, for our next goal-oriented post! *whispers* it’s about other projects during April.

-Nicole <3

Are you participating in Camp NaNo? Do you have a Bible verse for your WIP? Who else wings March Prep? Let’s talk!

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  1. I loved your snippets! Especially the car one--that's totally the sort of thing I'd do. (Am I Ben or Shannon? Who can know.)

    You've definitely seen my post already...heehee. I'm being very kind to my poor little children, as you also know. Oh well.

    This was a great first part of the special! Can't wait to hear more about your goals ^_^

    1. Thanks, Faith! (Hehe, SAME, I think I’d be both, depending on the day. XD)

      *sigh* It appears your definition of being “very kind” and mine are very different . . .XD

      Thank you so much! I can’t wait to read more about yours as well!

  2. The sass of Ben is golden, Nicole :) And I may start quoting Erin's line...because that's an accurate descriptor of me....

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who stews ideas for about a year or so before actually doing something about them....

    Wonderful post, Nicole!

    Catherine <3

    1. Yay, I’m glad you think so! And hehe, yeah, that describes me pretty well too . . . whoops. XD

      Aaaaayyy, and someone else who does that too! *high fives*

      Thanks, Catherine! :)

  3. I love the idea behind The Silver Sword!!! Spins on tropes are always fun!

    1. Thanks, Julian! I agree: spins are always epic to read and write!

  4. Those snippets were great! I loved them so much!! Now I have to read your stuff.

    And that picture! So much emotion!! All the feels.

    Loved this post. I'm so glad I'm not alone in the minutes goal camp! I hope everything goes well for you this month!

    1. Aw, thanks, Sarah! Hopefully one day . . . :)


      Haha, yay, minutes goals for the win! I hope you have a great Camp as well!

  5. The Inhumans sounds awesome! I mean a Draco-like character who's nicer? Yes please!!

    1. Aw, thanks! And yes, I agree, Draco’s awesome - except for the fact that he’s just a total JERK. XD

  6. THREE PROJECTS, NICOLE? I commend you but do not wish to be you. xD (Also, the first time I typed that I accidentally typed "I condemn you". Whoops. I don't really condemn you.)

    Your prologue sounds so cool! And I definitely didn't do any planning for Camp NaNo, either. But I DID only decide to do it approximately three days before it started. :P

    Good luck on Camp! Hopefully we can get those darn NaNo novels done once and for all. xD

      (*gasp* I FEEL CONDEMNED. XD honestly though I would condemn myself too if I’d known what I was getting into.)

      Thanks, Emily! Hehe, that is EXACTLY the way to do it! Last-minute decision making for life! ;)

      Good luck to you too! And yeah, hopefully we can both come out of this with finished novels for once. ;)

  7. Camp NaNo is killing me

    Also your snippets are pretty awesome. I want to know more now...

    ... But CAMP NANO IS KILLING Me I'm sorry I shouldn't be unleashing it out on you like this xD...

    1. Hehe same

      Aw, thanks, Merie! :)

      I FEEL YOU. Also, feel free to unleash. We all need to do it at some point.....XD

  8. I loved the snippets! And wow, The Inhumans 2 prologue made me want to read more immediately! I did NaNoWriMo in 2016 and 2017, but I didn't do it this time (sigh).

    1. Aw, thanks so much! And EEP, THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY!! <3
      Oh yeah, I definitely get it, it can’t be done every year. :) Maybe this year!

  9. Ohh exciting! I loved your snippets -- so good! XOXO
    I'm new to your blog and can't wait to read more!

    1. Aw, thanks! <333
      And welcome! *chocolate party* Thanks for stopping in and for the follow! :)


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